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Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition (BYSCC)




   Co-organized by Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and the government of the district where it is held, Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition (BYSCC) is a contest for scientific exploration and innovation of the youth. Launched in 1979, it is the largest and most popular activity related to science education for primary and secondary school students in Beijing. This competition aims to provide a platform for contestants to showcase their research results and to communicate with each other where they may appreciate the wonderful life created by science and technology advances and taste the happiness in the pursuit of their dreams. After 40 years of development, this annual event has won wide recognition among the public for its large scale, colorful activities and strong influence.



   BYSCC, targeting children, teenagers and science teachers, consists of two categories of activities: competitions including science creation competition for students and that for science teachers; and displays of selected works from science fiction painting competition and youth science activity competition. The final judging period features various events such as science fair, science lectures, International Teachers’ Forum on Science Education Innovation, awarding ceremony and maker workshop.



   With growing international influence, it has become a great event for scientific exchanges and friendship attracting students around the world. The competition has been open to international teams and those from Hong Kong SAR,Macao SAR and Taiwan since 2003, with their projects judged separately from Beijing finalists. In 2015, international contestants and those from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan began to be judged together with their Beijing counterparts. So far, a total of 1163 students and teachers from 21 countries and from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan have attended BYSCC.





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