(1). General Affairs Office

General Affairs Office is responsible for routine work of BAST such as documents handling, information, archive, confidentiality and secretary management, and letter and visit; work related to safety and security; organization and coordination of important activities and meetings; supervision of important affairs. General Affairs Office is also responsible for legal affairs of BAST, directing AST to safeguard rights and interests of scientific and technological staff, and participating drawing up of relevant regulations.

Tel: 84635008 84635009  84647022 Fax:84655007

(2) Planning and Finance Department

Planning and Finance Department is responsible for planning budget and final accounts of administrative fees and relevant special funds; directing, monitoring and auditing financial work of institutions directly under BAST; official finance and fixed assets management; and statistics of BAST.

Tel: 84634998

(3) Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is responsible for cadre team construction and personnel administration of BAST; directing personnel administration of institutions directly under BAST; managing and serving retired personnel; coordinating personnel work of BAST system; directing organizational construction of BAST system.


(4) Survey and Propaganda Department

Survey and Propaganda Department is responsible for scientific decision making of BAST, organizing consultations concerning decision making, coordinating, searching and reporting suggestions from scientific and technological staff, carrying out investigation and research of important projects, undertaking investigations assigned by superior departments; drafting important documents, reports and speech of leaders of BAST; proposing and planning development strategy of BAST; compiling ‘BAST’ to propagate and report BAST; and construction of spiritual civilization of BAST system.

Tel:010-84644973  010-84639874

(5)Department of Academic Society

Department of Academic Society is responsible for academic communication of BAST, coordinating and organizing comprehensive academic activities in multi-disciplines and multi-domains, directing academic communication of BAST system. Department of Academic Society is also responsible for monitoring, managing and directing academic societies and funds under the supervision of BAST to complete the mission of being a ‘hub-type’ social organization; cultivating young scientific and technological talents of BAST, directing academic societies to carry out continuing education and editing academic journals; coordinating and organizing joint conference for natural science community and social science community.

Tel: 84644977  84654997


(6)Department of Science Popularization

Department of Science Popularization is responsible for executing national guidelines and policies for science popularization, formulating working plan for BAST system; contacting and directing AST of districts, counties and primary organizations, organizing important popularization activities in the city; building and sharing of science popularization resources, directing exploitation of venues and facilities for science popularization, setting up a team of volunteers for science popularization, issuing honor and award for science popularization; daily work as implementation office for outline of the national scientific quality, monitoring execution of decisions.

Tel:84634995  84644996

(7)Party Community

Party community is responsible for Party-mass work of BAST and institutions directly under BAST.


(8) International Liaison Department

International Liaison Department of BAST is an institution directly under BAST, responsible for managing, directing, organizing, and coordinating foreign affairs of BAST and institutions directly under BAST; non-governmentally international science and technology communication and cooperation of BAST; science and technology communication with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; and foreign affairs assigned by superior departments.

Tel:010-84644978  010-84630170

(9)Beijing Youth Activity Center

Beijing Youth Activity Center is responsible for managing, directing, organizing and coordinating scientific and technological education for youth; directing Municipal academic societies and AST of districts and counties to carry out scientific and technological education for youth; reserving talents of BAST and training scientific and technological instructors; organizing various activities including youth scientific and technological education, scientific and technological contests and international scientific and technological communication; and general management of Beijing Youth Scientific and Technological Education Foundation.

Tel:010-84634991 010-84640967

(10) Beijing Anti- heresy Association Secretariat

Beijing Anti- heresy Association Secretariat organizes members of the association, experts, scholars, and other responsible people to held activities revealing nature of heresy, so as to improve the public’s ability to differentiate and be cautious of heresy; organizing experts to make theoretical research, academic communication and investigation in terms of anti-heresy; providing support concerning the government’s scientific decision making; carrying out science popularization and psychological consultation about  anti-heresy; and other relevant work assigned by relevant groups and departments.

 (11)BAST Information Center

BAST Information Center is responsible for construction of e-government; development and maintenance of application software of BAST; technical maintenance of network and hardware of BAST; and providing information service for science popularization.

Tel:010-84649879  010-84636485  010-84650077, extension 8304  8306

(12)Beijing Computer World

Beijing Computer World is a training school responsible for e-government training of BAST; building, operating and maintaining the science popularization website; maintaining network and hardware of BAST; carrying out science popularization by the network; and cultivating reserve talents for Beijing youth informatics.

Add:Room 2103 & 2111, 21F Building A6, Mingdun Road, Guangqumenwai, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-67237760

(13) Joint Office of BAST Academic Society

Joint Office of academic society (shortened for joint office) is an institution directly under BAST, which is established under the authorization of Beijing government. The joint office is responsible for management and service as a hub-type social organization, providing professional instructions to part-time cadre of academic societies, and promoting party building in social organizations; managing academic website of the societies, developing and maintaining a registration system  for members of academic societies, and editing and publishing ‘Information for Academic Society’; organizing scientific and technological service activities with academic societies, promoting building of the ‘academic union’ of academic societies, and providing service on financial management and personnel agency for academic societies; daily affairs including contact, coordination, service and management of groups of elder scientific and technological staff, dealing with matters of elder scientific and technological talents.

Add: 5F, Building 3 of Party school of Ministry of Railroads, No.27 North Taipingzhuang Road, Haidian District

Postal Code: 100088

Tel:010-51949270  010-51949264

(14) Service Bureau of BAST

Service Bureau of BAST is an institution directly under BAST. It is responsible for logistics of BAST and other institutions directly under BAST; managing fixed assets and property of BAST; and executing security control of BAST. In recent years, the Service Bureau and Beijing Science and Technology Center provide service for academic communication, science popularization education and other scientific and technological activities in Beijing.

(15)Beijing science and Technology Center

Beijing science and Technology Center provides service for academic communication, science popularization education and various scientific and technological activities in Beijing, and provides service for important activities of BAST.

Address:No.4,Yuhuili,Chaoyang District,Beijing

Tel:010-84644976  010-84639887 010-84650077(switchboard)  Fax:84644976


(16) Beijing Scientific and Technological Consulting Center

Beijing Scientific and Technological Consulting Center provides consultation for scientific decision making of BAST; feasibility study and estimation of engineering; providing service for technology transfer, technology development, technology consultation and technology service; holding international communication and cooperation on science, technology, economy and academic; registration of technical contracts of BAST; review of honors and awards of BAST; and carrying out training on professional technology and science and technology management.

Add: 10F, The International Building, No.19 South Road of East Three Rings, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100021

Tel: 010-67235944  010-67233263

(17) Beijing Development Center of Science Popularization

Beijing Development Center of Science Popularization is responsible for propagation of science popularization, cultural communication of science popularization and training for science popularization to provide service on science popularization to the public; holding shows and activities on science popularization; integrating resources of science popularization; and developing, producing and spreading science popularization products.

Add: 1703, C1 of HaoBai Building, No.50 of North Road of West Three Ring, Haidian District

Tel: 010-87258923   Email:

(18) Beijing Continuing Education School of Science and Technology

Beijing Continuing Education School of Science and Technology provides continuing education and technical training to scientific and technical staff; provides training to cadre of BAST; and is responsible for building, operating and maintenance of Beijing Continuing Education website.

Add:No.7 Shenghexiang, Daxing District, Beijing  Postal Code:102600

Tel:69249686   Fax:69249686

(19) Beijing Rural Technology School

Beijing Rural Technology School cultivates rural technicians, propagates and provides training on plating, breeding, manufacturing and enterprise management; and provides training and service to promote rural economy in Beijing.

Add:No.7 Shenghexiang, Daxing District, Beijing  Postal Code:102600

Tel:69249686   Fax:69249686   Email:

(20)Beijing Science and Technology Press

The press publishes newspaper of ‘Beijing Science and Technology’, propagating news and information on science and technology; designing, creating and publishing advertisements; and carrying activities of science popularization and cultural industry.

Add: 3F, Building A of Beijing Youth Press Tower, No.23 Baijiazhuang East, Chaoyang District

Postal Code:100026   subscription code:1-17   

issue hotline:65901203

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