Beijing Area Widely-concerned Academic Achievements Symposium Series (New Materials) successfully held at Huairou Science City


In order to deeply implement the spirit of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding work in Beijing, according to the instructions of Secretary of Beijing Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi regarding “making new contributions to construction of Beijing as a sci-tech innovation center with the academic month as the platform”, amid the national drive to deeply study the spirit of the 5th plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, on the afternoon of December 22, BAST held a special session of Beijing Area Widely-concerned Academic Achievements Symposium Series (New Materials) at Huairou Science City in collaboration with Huairou District People’s Government, Beijing Huairou Science City Management Committee and ZGC Group. Executive Vice President of BAST SIMA Hong, member of Party Working Committee of Huairou Science City and Deputy Director of Huairou Science City Management Committee Wu Jianmin, Deputy General Manager of ZGC Group Zhou Wuguang, CAS academician and researcher of CAS Institute of Chemistry Li Yongfang, foreign academician of CAS and President of CAS Institute of Nanoenergy Wang Zhonglin, CAS academician and professor of Beijing Normal University Fang Weihai, CAS academician, recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and researcher of CAS Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry Wu Lizhu, and recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and professor of Peking University Hou Yanglong attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was hosted by member of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Tian Wen, while the symposium was hosted by Fang Weihai, CAS academician, President of Beijing Chemical Society and professor of Beijing Normal University.


Wu Jianmin introduced the efforts of Huairou Science City to construct a collaborative and efficient sci-tech innovation ecosystem, cultivate innovation-driven sophisticated industrial sectors and perfect the new-type urban form that is technologically driven and culturally enriched. He welcomed scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and leaders from all walks of life to settle, start business and make great achievements in Huairou Science City.

Zhou Wuguang said more sci-tech exchanges are expected to take place at communities, schools and state-owned enterprises so as to create a climate where all social actors pay much attention to innovation and science. ZGC Group is a main platform that drives the sci-tech innovation and performs market-oriented resource allocation on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. In order to support academician Wang Zhonglin to settle in Huairou Science City, ZGC established Zhongguancun Weina Energy Investment Co., Ltd with Huairou State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd and endeavors to provide good services for commercialization and industrialization of sci-tech achievement while completing the construction of the industrial park. According to the instructions of Secretary Cai Qi when he surveyed ZGC Group on December 4, ZGC Group will make every possible effort to serve scientists in Beijing, especially by providing service support for commercialization of sci-tech achievements of experts and scholars.


SIMA Hong said that the 2020 Beijing area widely-concerned academic achievements symposium series selected a total of 130 academic achievements, held 21 presentations and received more than 14 million online clicks as well as intense media coverage. SIMA Hong emphasized that academic achievement exchange is a vivid practice of exploring the integration of science, technology and economy, driving the cooperation between scientists and entrepreneurs and marriage between academic achievements and high-tech enterprises, providing a direct access for sci-tech workers to serve industries and parks, transforming scientists’ scientific thoughts into industrial development and corporate innovation, promoting deep integration of industry, academia and institutes and improving the quality of academic exchanges. SIMA Hong pointed out that BAST actively organizes cross-disciplinary academic exchanges, continues playing the fundamental supporting role of academic exchanges for sci-tech innovation and facilitates continuous emergence of innovative ideas. BAST makes greater efforts to lead sci-tech workers and academic achievements to visit the three cities and one area, in a bid to gather innovation elements towards companies. It is a requirement that the organizational and enabling strengths of BAST should be relied upon to promote transformation of academic achievements into science popularization and decision consulting products and help more sci-tech workers grow both personally and professionally.


At the scene of the presentations, certificate of author of widely-concerned academic achievements in Beijing area was awarded to five authors selected into the Beijing area widely-concerned academic achievements, i.e., recipients of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Tsinghua University professors Wang Xun and Qu Liangti, recipient of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and professor of CAS Institute of Chemistry Guo Yuguo, professor of Beijing Institute of Technology Chen Renjie and researcher of CAS Institute  of Nanoenergy Li Zhou. These five speakers delivered presentations surrounding academic achievements such as “ultrathin nano-crystals of sub-nano-dimensions”, “high-performance metallic lithium cathode based on 3D current collector”, “vapor-based power generation---a new form of clean energy”, “design and engineered development of critical materials for multi-electron, high-specific-energy  lithium sulfur batteries”, and “eel-imitated self-driven sensing and health surveillance”.  Participating academicians and experts, and sci-tech workers online and offline conducted discussions about presentations, the bottlenecks and barriers to current scientific research and academic achievements and application scenarios, offering a wonderful sci-tech feast to the academia.

This symposium was organized jointly by Zhongguancun Weina Energy Investment Co., Ltd, CAS Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems and Beijing Chemical Society. The symposium took place both online and offline. Over 100 participants from CAS, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Normal University, related scientific research institutes and related companies participated in the onsite communications. Many news media outlets such as China Science Daily, Beijing TV Station,, Beijing Sci-tech Report, Science and Technology Daily and covered this event. live streamed the event to overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwanese compatriots, with over 466000 online views of live streaming and participations in interaction and communications.

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