Zhang Lixin, Deputy Secretary of Xi Cheng District Party Committee, Visited the Science and Technology Workers


On January 14, Xi Cheng District Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Lixin came to Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute condoled Tu Hailing, the District Association Chairman, Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians, listened carefully to his views on the development and construction of the Xi Cheng City and extended best wishes for the New Year. At the same time, Xi Cheng District Association carried out a spring visit condolences, over the past few days have condoled to a number of science and technology workers, old cadres and old party members on behalf of the post cadres, talking about development and sending holiday wishes.



In 2019, Xi Cheng Association for Science and Technology has always insisted on innovation, and achieved good results. In the past year, it insisted on leading the party, giving full play to the role of unity and cohesion, widely carrying out "my motherland and I" mass publicity activities, continuous strengthening neighbourhood and community science federations, successful reports of science and technology education and competitions for young people were spread. The unit performs its duties and gives full play to its strengths, promoting the implementation of key populations and projects, the improvement of the scientific quality of the entire population, and provides support for science popularization. Stepping into Zhang Jiakou City, Zhang Bei County, Men Tougou and Huai Rou, they contribute to the collaborative development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and regional counterparts. .

In the new year, Association for Science and Technology of Xi Cheng District will continue to rally the masses of scientists, science workers, science volunteers and science enthusiasts. Not forgetting the original heart, keeping the mission in mind, building a new era of "home for scientific and technological workers" as the starting point, as well as a pragmatic and efficient platform to communicate, collaborate and cooperate. In order to complete the regional scientific quality of all the people of the expected goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan, to promote the construction of world power in science and technology, realizing the Chinese dream.

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