Yan Qing District 2020 "Science and Technology in the Countryside" Activity Launched in Liu Binbao Village


On January 17, 2020 Beijing "Three Visits to the Countryside" activity of Science and Technology,which is Yan Qing District New Era Civilization Practice Center "I add light to Yan Qing, I add color to the Winter Olympic Games" theme activity was held in Liu Binbao Village, Liu Binbao Town, Yan Qing District.



Yan Qing New Era Civilization Practice Science and Technology Volunteer Team organized human health tests, interactive science quizzes, distribution of science fairs, flip charts. The farmers were given information about their body weight, protein, bone mass, fat and other related components through the distribution of promotional materials, science pocket books and 100 questions. Farmers were informed about their weight, protein, bone mass, fat and other related components during human health tests, and through the distribution of informational materials. It made people have a deeper study of science, enriched their minds, correcting many of their previous misconceptions, and receiving the public's welcome. The event has distributed more than 2,000 copies of popular science pocket books, technology and life newspapers and magazines, winter health posters and other popular science promotional materials.




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