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Deepen International Sci-tech Exchanges and Cooperation by Jointly Fighting the Epidemic in Solidarity


"Solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon for the international community to defeat the epidemic." In the face of the global epidemic, Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) has taken advantage of its mass organizations' extensive contacts with scientific and technological workers at home and abroad, united with and led the scientific and technological social organizations, actively carried out international exchanges and cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, and participated in the framework of the Silk Road Community Building Initiative.



A friend in need is a friend indeed. At the critical moment of the global fight against COVID-19, Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) and its social organizations in the field of science and technology, together with friendly foreign organizations they have contacted, extended mutual care and helped each other in times of difficulty, and built a strong scientific and technological bridge connecting the emotions of domestic and foreign science and technology workers. During the outbreak, BAST and the European Association for Scientific Engagement, the European Network for Science Centres and Museums, Universcience, German Bremen Science Museum, Italian Science City-IDIS Foundation, Edinburgh Science Festival, University of Twente, Moscow State University, The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (CSVTS), Organizing Committee of the Serbian Science Festival (CPNU Fenomen), Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST), National Science and Technology Museum of Thailand, Pakistan Science Foundation, Falcon Citizens Association of Mauritius, and other friendly organizations sent greetings, encouraged each other by mail, email, video, etc., made resolute determination to overcome the epidemic, and conveyed their willingness to deepen cooperation.



In its letter to the Italian Science City-IDIS Foundation, BAST stated that, "guided by the instructions of President Xi Jinping's speech on strengthening international cooperation, BAST firmly stands with the friendly people in Italy. Now is the time to strengthen international cooperation and close relations, and also to strengthen scientific research, technological innovation, and scientific popularization and global exchanges, we look forward to further deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two sides." In his letter of reply, the Italian Science City-IDIS Foundation Chairman Riccardo Villari wrote, "At this special moment, we are particularly grateful for the friendship of the Chinese people, and the Chinese government that provided Italy with strong support for medical supplies, equipment, etc., and sent medical experts to participate in the fight against the epidemic in Italy. After the epidemic, it will be put on the agenda to work together to promote the recovery of the economic development of the two countries; we very much agree with your opinion. If conditions permit, the two sides will start exchange projects as soon as possible and continue to deepen mutual cooperation."


Focusing on building a community with a shared future for mankind and responding to international anti-epidemic cooperation initiatives, BAST unites and supports the Capital’s scientific and technological social organizations to provide active assistance within our ability to countries and friendly organizations in need, and donates anti-epidemic materials and traditional Chinese medicine etc. At the same time, science and technology workers at home and abroad work together to give full play to their academic and intellectual advantages, turn knowledge into a sharp edge, actively exchange experience and effective practices in epidemic prevention and control, and help international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.


The Beijing Society of Chinese Medicine and the Beijing Society of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine have participated in the construction of a Chinese and English bilingual Chinese medicine service platform-"Beijing Remote Health Service Platform", and have cooperated with friendly organizations at home and abroad to host a series of special training sessions in the United States, Canada, Hungary, Serbia, Central and Eastern Europe, Singapore etc. At the same time, they have also actively participated in the "Chinese and Armenian Experts Chinese Medicine Anti-epidemic Video Conference" organized by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Health Committee, and the Armenian Embassy in China, sharing the experience of the new coronary pneumonia in traditional Chinese medicine treatment, serving the needs of Chinese and overseas Chinese, overseas students, foreigners, etc. for the knowledge of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment. Beijing Medical Association cooperated with relevant departments to take the lead in the construction and operation of "Beijing New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Online Doctor Consultation Platform", providing 7x24 hours consulting services.


Beijing Dragon Design Foundation, in conjunction with 157 social organizations and units, launched the "Green Ribbon Action", and participated in the Silk Road Community Building Initiative. The event attracted 295 international volunteers to join in, and donated  medical materials worth 3,000,000 RMB to 20 countries including Italy, Iran, Sri Lanka, Russia, Argentina, France, South Africa, Mexico, Kenya, Romania and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). This work has received the attention and support of the CNIE and the China Red Cross Foundation, and was selected as one of the top 10 cases of Chinese social organizations participating in global anti-epidemic actions. People's Daily made a special report on the "Green Ribbon Action". The representative of the Foundation was invited to participate in the online dialogue activity of the “China-Japan-Korea Youth Exchange Conference” hosted by Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (BPAFFC) and shared experience in international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.




Beijing Agronomy Society actively implements the cooperation agreement with the Falcon Association of Mauritius, takes advantage of its own experts and academic resources, undertakes the agricultural technology exchange tasks on the cloud platform of the International Science and Technology Organization Cooperation of BAST, and organizes the agricultural technology online training session under the Silk Road Community Building Initiative. Associate Professor Wang Yueying, an expert of the Society, taught "vegetable facilities and plug seedlings" techniques through online lectures and answering questions to nearly one hundred agricultural technicians from FALCON Association from Mauritius, Myanmar Vegetable Association, Myanmar Mushroom Association, Silk Road Mediterranean Organisation, Association for Sri Lanka China Social & Cultural Co-operation, Nepal Arniko Society, and other foreign friendly organizations, helped relevant national science and technology workers to carry out effectively technological upgrading and resumption of production with scientific and technological support, efficiently and effectively participated in the "Silk Road One Family" civil anti-epidemic joint action.

With the epidemic underway, various scientific and technological social organizations and scientific and technological workers in the Capital actively respond to BAST’s proposal to combat the new pneumonia epidemic, consolidate their positions, and strengthen research. While carrying out effectively works in epidemic prevention and control, epidemic prevention science popularization, etc., they continue to carry out foreign non-governmental scientific and technological exchanges, participate in international anti-epidemic cooperation, further strengthen closer contact with domestic and foreign scientific and technological workers, and make resolute determination to overcome the epidemic at an early date. "The exchange of nations lies in the mutual love of the people, and the mutual love of the people lies in the mutual communication". Focusing closely on solidarity and the anti-epidemic endeavor, BAST will continue to deepen exchanges with friendly scientific and technological organizations of various countries, further promote the people-to people communication of science and technology workers, and work together for international cooperation and scientific and technological support to combat the epidemic.

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