Shun Yi District "Innovation Cluster" Enterprise to Fight with the Epidemic


Beijing Hanfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with a number of independent intellectual property rights original core technology key components and important parts of aero-engines in Shun Yi District, and in 2019, the enterprise was recognized as a municipal "innovation cluster" demonstration unit by the Beijing Science and Technology Association.



Since the outbreak of new corona virus pneumonia, the task of disease prevention is serious, medical supplies are in short supply, especially medical-surgical masks and masks that meet the standards of N95, KN95 and other shortages. The melt spray cloth is the filter layer in the middle of the mask and is the core material of the mask.

The core components of the main machine for the production of melt blown cloth are the melt blown die heads and the spinneret plates. Hundreds or even thousands of small holes need to be processed on a module, and the roundness, precision, density, uniformity and consistency of the small holes and the smoothness of the hole wall are all extremely demanding, difficult to process, which belongs to the core technology. The production of core components is related to the production efficiency and quality of melt blown cloth, but the production of core components, such as high-quality spinnerets, is still heavily dependent on imports.

At the important moment of shortage of medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control, Hanfei Aviation made fully use the advantages of technology and equipment resources of the enterprise, and quickly set up a scientific research and technical team to actively carry out the research and development of the core parts for the processing of melt blown mask cloth.

Dozens of high-speed adaptive perforating machines used to process the core parts of the engine turbine blade air film holes, invested in the processing of melt blown die heads and small holes in the spinnerets, solving the current bottleneck in the production of high quality, high-volume processing of the core parts of the mask, greatly improving the quality and production of protective supplies, and contributing to the fight against the epidemic of scientific and technological strength.

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