The Second Batch of the First Group Sunken Personnel of Association for Science and Technology of Ping Gu District Went to Xing Gu Street Xin Xing Community to Carry Out New Coronary Pneumonia Outbrea


On February 10, The second batch of the first group sunken personnel of Association for Science and Technology of Ping Gu District registered to the Xing Gu Street Xin Xing Community, docking and accepting the work arrangements.

Main work: Firstly, we investigate the community operators. New Star community has 142 operating stores in total, in accordance with the community work arrangements, our group interview and investigate community operators one by one, the situation is clear, the bottom number is clear, and register the shops at the same time; secondly, the community residents carry out health guidance. Scientific guidance for residents to do a good job of personal protection, wear masks, and inform the community residents do not meet, do not gather, do not visit friends and relatives, reducing the gathering and minimize unnecessary trip.



Problems existed: firstly, it was found that a shop was not open for business, but there were family members gathered in the shop to play cards and did not wear masks; secondly, there were elderly people playing chess and there were people who did not wear masks in the small park in the Xin Xing community.

In response to the above problems, our team has provided scientific guidance and persuasion, asking people who did not wearing masks to wear masks, and advising the gathering people to evacuate, the situation has been informed of the residence committee.

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