Members of the Party Group of Ping Gu District Science and Technology Association and Members of the Party Committee of Yu Kou Poultry Industry to Fight the Epidemic Together


On April 11, Zhang Shouwang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Ping Gu District Science and Technology Association, and members of the party group of Ping Gu District Science and Technology Association, together with Zhou Baogui, party secretary of Yukou poultry industry and Liu Changqing, deputy party secretary, went to Xinxing community to check pedestrians and vehicles in and out. They disseminate information about egg products to the residents at the kiosk and put up posters about egg products in the community's science and technology gallery.




Recently, the Xinxing community has a number of figures in each bayonet, there are young people in their early 20s, and middle-aged people in their 30s and 40s, they all have a common identity, party members and volunteers, they have a common purpose, which is to guard the clean soil on the side of Ping Gu, they are party members and volunteers of the poultry industry in Yukou.


With the large number of residents in the community and the large number of people in the various bayous, the task of epidemic prevention and control is very heavy. The volunteers who guarded the bayous were so busy every day that they couldn't even take a sip of water during the morning and evening rush to and from work. The emergence of the Yukou poultry party members volunteers is undoubtedly a relief in the snow, and their arrival has injected new strength into the grassroots prevention and control team.


It is understood that from March 26, all members of the second party branch of the Yukou poultry industry sank down to the Xinxing community, and jointly built with the party branch of the District Association for Science and Technology to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the District Association for Science and Technology presented 1000 masks to the Yukou poultry industry to help prevent and control the epidemic. Up to now, 52 people have participated in the sinking service activities. At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, they have fought side by side in the front line of fighting against the epidemic, taking their responsibility and contributing their love to ensure the safety of one side.

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