Cloud Platform for International Sci-tech Cooperation--On-line Training on Agricultural Technology was Held in Beijing


In order to strengthen international cooperation among national and international sci-tech workers under the new normal situation of epidemic prevention and control and to serve the needs of deepening reform of the BAST system, Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) works with international friendly science and technology organizations to launch the 2020 Cloud Platform for International Sci-tech Cooperation Series Events, adopting a new "cloud communication" mode with video conferences, emails, and phone calls as the main tools.



On June 5, also Grain in Ear, the 9th solar term in Chinese lunar calendar, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (BPAFFC), Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges (Beijing NGO), Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture, and Beijing Agronomy Society co-hosted On-line Training on Agricultural Technology under the Silk Road Community Building Initiative. With advantages in academic resources, Beijing Agronomy Society takes the project of 2020 International Cooperative Platform, BAST. The Society invited Associate Professor Wang Yueying from Horticulture Department of Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture to give a lecture on Protected Horticultural Engineering and Plug seedling to nearly 100 participants from FALCON Association from Mauritius, Myanmar Vegetable Association, Myanmar Mushroom Association, Silk Road Mediterranean Organisation, Association for Sri Lanka China Social & Cultural Co-operation, and Nepal Arniko Society.



Dr. Tian Wen, a member of Leading Party Members' Group and Vice President of BAST, stressed that in the face of global outbreak of COVID-19, as President Xi Jinping said, “Mankind is a community with a shared future. Solidarity and cooperation is our most powerful weapon for defeating the virus.” This online training session demonstrates our confidence in overcoming the challenges of the epidemic and strengthening international cooperation by closely working with friendly international organizations. He said, "Cloud Platform" will be committed to promote international cooperation among science and technology societies, innovation subjects, etc. We should continuously strengthen international exchanges and provide better services. He hoped that all involved organizations continue to give full play to their own advantages to further expand the scope of scientific and technological exchanges under the Belt and Road Initiative, bringing greater benefits to the people along the Silk Road.



Wang Yueying's English lecture was illustrated with pictures and text, combined with video practical explanation, which was warmly welcomed and positively interacted by the delegates from all countries. Participants asked questions on topics such as vegetable greenhouse construction, seedling and culture material selection, and purchasing agronomic raw materials. "If vermiculite is not available, can we use other materials instead? Is gravel okay?" "Is the hot water scalding seeds with 50 degree water?" "Can you reuse the cavity tray? How do you disinfect?" "Is the base material configuration fixed? Does it fit all seeds?" "Mauritius has a tropical climate, can plastic sheds withstand summer typhoons?" The lively discussion and exchange of ideas lasted more than an hour, and the Myanmar organizations especially invited an interpreter to ensure communication. The online training was very successful.



As the representative of the overseas organizations participating in this online session, Mr. Manoj Seeborun, President of F.A.L.C.O.N Association highly appreciated the online training on vegetable cultivation. He believed that the exchange in the field of agriculture will certainly promote the exchange and cooperation between the people of the two countries in various fields, and hoped that online training and training will be conducted frequently, promoting contact of people’s hearts. Abbey, Chairman of Association for Sri Lanka China Social & Cultural Co-operation, said that Sri Lanka's climatic conditions are ideal for growing vegetables and fruits. The training will help the general public to improve their vegetable growing methods and techniques, which will help to increase family income.

Mrs. Liang Xiuwen, Director of the International Exchange Department ofBeijing Vocational College of Agriculture, said that the online training session marked opening of international cooperation of the Vocational College and Beijing Agronomy Society in 2020. To implement the MOU signed by the College, the Society, and F.A.L.C.O.N Association, under the special circumstances of epidemic prevention and control, we will hold a series of online lectures and, remote technical guidance responding to overseas needs and strengthen scientific and technical personnel exchanges to promote agricultural cooperation between China and Africa.

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Beijing Association for Science and Technology actively follows SIRONET instructions and its work related to the the Silk Road Community Building Initiative. BAST establishes the 2020 International Cooperative Platform to deepen scientific and technological exchanges with international sci-tech organizations. Responding to the actual needs of overseas organizations in different professional fields, the "Cloud Platform" will explore more opportunities and link more resources to support sci-tech exchanges, epidemic prevention in scientific ways, and work resumption, etc.

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