Sima Hong Visited Zhongguancun Identity Applied Technology Alliance for Trans-industrial Innovation


In order to better understand the current situation of the development of science and technology associations in the BAST system, and to promote better performance of science and technology associations in the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control platform advantages and resource advantages to help enterprises with technological innovation and industrial development, and promote deep integration of science and technology economy, In the afternoon of June 10th 2020, Mrs. Sima Hong, Executive Vice President of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, visited Zhongguancun Identity Applied Technology Alliance for Trans-industrial Innovation (hereinafter referred to as "the Alliance"), joined by Mr. Zheng Haojun, Director of China Communication Center for Science and Technology (CAST), Mr. Yue Hongzhi, Inspector (1st level) of BAST, and Dr. Tian Wen, Member of Leading Party Members' Group and Vice President of BAST.



Jiang Shuibing, Chairman of the Alliance, has been working on the development of the local economy from the service of research institutes, enterprises, and the construction of an ecosphere of science and technology innovation services. In addition, he reported on the main innovations of the work of the Alliance since its establishment and vision for future work. The Alliance relies on the "three highs" innovation resources of high-end research and development institutions, high-level talents, and high-tech projects, and insists on resource-based, service-oriented, and high-tech projects. The field-oriented three-type positioning, combined with the Zhongguancun high-tech industry cluster, through cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-disciplinary and cross-border Innovation, promote the "enterprise demand bank", "scientific and technological achievement bank" and "expert talent bank" of the three pools of linkage, and build up the innovation chain and industrial chain. It is a bridge between Zhongguancun and the the whole country and cross-border fields to build a platform for scientific and technological innovation, fruit transformation and industrial cultivation. An all-in-one comprehensive service platform for science and technology innovation to better serve research institutes, innovative enterprises, and the innovative development of the local economy. The participants of the conference focused on the construction and development of the alliance itself, the member service model, the construction of the intellectual innovation community and the difficulties in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In-depth discussion was held on how to build a platform for science and technology associations to serve parks and enterprises under the background of science and technology economic integration and development.

Sima Hong welcomed the Alliance to join Beijing Association for Science and Technology. She fully affirmed the Alliance's efforts in strengthening its own construction and service since its establishment. Achievements in corporate membership, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and serving regional and industrial development. The Alliance has promoted cross-border integration and built an ecosystem of innovative services through forums, exchanges and training.

Sima Hong hopes that the alliance will give full play to its own advantages, build a service platform, innovate service carriers, and form its own characteristic service model of science and technology. She stressed that firstly, we should further strengthen the party building of social organizations. Give full play to the political leading role of the Party building working group, unite and lead the majority of scientific and technical workers to listen to the Party, follow the Party and promote the spirit of science. The second is to promote the standardized development of alliances by gathering innovative resources, investigating different needs and expanding service space. We should develop members from the supply side and the demand side respectively to expand the influence of the alliance, to strengthen the construction of the secretariat and the institution of the alliance, to achieve the healthy scientific development of the Alliance. The third is to summarize the experience and innovate the service model. It is necessary to summarize in depth in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to land, realize the real interface between the supply side and the demand side, and the training of technical managers on the intermediate platform. In addition, it is important that the Association should develop practices in the area of science and technology economic integration and explore the construction of technical service markets. The forth is to play a role in implementing the four services. We should further improve ability and level of service to science and technology workers to build a platform for scientists to play their role, to lead the majority of science and technology workers and member units make use of their own characteristics and advantages to carry out special popularization of science for the improvement of the quality of science for all the people, and help the region and industry. Science and technology innovation for innovation-driven development, active advice for the party and government scientific decision-making services, further integrating Alliance's work into the The system of services for the work of scientific associations.

Sima Hong pointed out that BAST will support the development of the Alliance as always. The Dept. of Societies Affairs of BAST and the Beijing Service Center for Science and Technology Societies will pay more attention to the development of the Alliance, better understand the problems in the development process and give more support. They will also timely summarize the Alliance in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and their own construction of new experiences, new methods, increase publicity, play the Alliance's role as an example to lead more scientific and technological community innovation and development; to give full play to the Alliance's resource advantages, to explore the growth of scientific and technological communities suitable for scientific and technological service model to help science and technology innovation and industrial development.

During the meeting, the medal of BAST membership was issued to the Alliance. Zhao Zhensheng, Vice Chairman of the Alliance, Qi Songqiao, Executive Secretary General of the Alliance, Liu Hongli, Deputy Director of Science Planning Division, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Du Xinfeng, Director of the Achievements Division of the Science and Technology Communication Center of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and Li Jintao, Director of Dept. of Societies Affairs of BAST, also attended the meeting.

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