Ma Lin Attended Science and Technology Education Innovation Seminar


On the afternoon of June 11, the Science and Technology Education Innovation Seminar was held at Beijing Science Center. Dr. Ma Lin, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Beijing Association for Science and Technology attended and chaired the meeting.

The conference invited speakers from the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Beijing Physical Society, the Beijing Mathematical Society, the Haidian Teachers' Eight science and technology education experts and first-line science and technology teachers from Beijing 101 Middle School, Beijing Second Middle School, and People's Education Press, discussed the importance and specific measures of scientific thought and methods development. Participants shared opinions based on their own academic backgrounds, daily teaching, training, competitions and accumulated experience, especially in mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on, especially in the basic disciplines, perceptions of innovative human resource development. It was agreed that the core of science and technology education is to develop students' scientific thinking, scientific spirit and scientific attitude. In particular, the formation of scientific thinking, which is more important than knowledge acquisition, is a lifelong benefit from the development of children to adolescents. Along with focusing on student growth, technology teachers' skills also need to be nurtured, stimulated, and developed. Participants agree Beijing Association for Science and Technology shall take advantage of its resources to lead innovative development of science and technology education in Beijin

Dr. Ma Lin pointed out that the dissemination of scientific ideas and methods focuses on improving the ability of young people to explore the unknown with the known. At present, China's various undertakings have entered a stage of rapid development, from catching up to running side by side, and some fields have taken the lead. The core that supports the rapid development of various undertakings is human resources, especially the top talents in the field of basic disciplines will become China's core competitiveness, the key factor in promotion.




Dr. Ma Lin emphasized that in science and technology education, efforts should be made to refine the embedded scientific ideas and methods to improve teenagers’ way of thinking and develop their ability to identify and solve problems. Through a variety of science and technology education activities, young people are attracted to learn scientific knowledge, master scientific methods and develop scientific thinking. We should not only focus on the cultivation of talents, but also on the overall improvement of the scientific quality of young people, and hope that everyone will contribute to the innovative development of science and technology education in Beijing in their respective fields.

Mr. Liu Xiaokan, Member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Vice President of BAST, and Mr. Chen Weicheng, Inspector (2nd level) and General Director of Science Popularization Dept. of BAST, also attended the meeting joined by officers from Science Popularization Dept., General Office, Beijing Youth Science and Technology Center, Beijing Science Center, and Information Center of BAST.


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