Ma Lin meets Gong Ke, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)


On the morning of July 14, Gong Ke, president of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), and He Kebin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, visited the Beijing Association for Science and Technology. Ma Lin, party secretary of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, attended the meeting; accompanied by Meng Fanxing, party member and vice president of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology.



Ma Lin welcomed President Gong Ke and Academician He Kebin. He said that in the process of promoting the construction of the open science and technology association for enterprises, what has been learned is that the vast number of engineers and technicians urgently need a comprehensive engineer organization as a platform for communication, growth and development, serving the society, safeguarding their own rights and interests, promoting group status and promoting the development of engineering. Therefore, the BAST is promoting the establishment of the Beijing Engineers Society. The practical needs of the vast number of engineers and technicians in Beijing for mutual recognition of international qualifications, capability improvement, scientific and technological evaluation, etc., and the establishment and development of nearly 1,000 enterprises’ association for science and technology have provided a profound foundation for the operation and development of the Beijing Engineers Society after it is built. He indicated that the BAST will strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and hopes that President Gong Ke can give more guidance and support to the proposed Beijing Engineers Society and its development. Vice president Meng Fanxing introduced the preparatory work for the Beijing Engineers Society.

President Gong Ke thanked the BAST for its invitation. He said that it is the mission and responsibility of engineers to promote a sustainable development of human society. Engineers' ability to perform their duties and realize values should be improved, including their cognitive ability to sustainable development, their practical ability to implement sustainable development as well as their ability to apply new technologies and cooperate across disciplines. At the same time, it is necessary as well to enhance the integrity of engineers in performing engineering ethics. The foundation of engineering ethics is the social responsibility of engineers, which includes maintaining the harmony between human and society and between human and nature. The requirements of sustainable development are consistent with the principles of engineering ethics and China’s construction of ecological civilization. All organizations of engineers must comply with the concept of sustainable development and their framework and requirements of members' ability should embody that as well, so as to guide their members to deeply plant the concept in mind. President Gong Ke mentioned that the Beijing Engineers Society must have international vision, pay attention to the rules and standards for the operation of international social organizations, and take root in enterprises to effectively serve those front-line engineers and technicians. Academician He Kebin indicated that it is the responsibility of engineers to raise the awareness of ecological environment protection and sustainable development, and China’s construction of ecological civilization keep in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Engineers must deeply understand the profound connotation of strengthening the construction of ecological civilization in the process of work and study.

The participants exchanged views on the business development of the proposed Beijing Engineers Society, the realization of international mutual recognition of engineers' qualifications, the capacity building of engineers, and the social role of engineers. Officials from the International Liaison Department and the Consulting Center of Science and Technology of the BAST also attended the meeting.

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