BAST involves Party members and cadres in a study tour at CPC History Museum


In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on “July 1st”, make full use of Party history learning and education as a comprehensive, vivid and valuable teaching materials and solidly advance the Party history learning and education, on October 12, BAST involved Party members and cadres in a study tour at a large thematic exhibition titled “staying true to original aspiration and bearing in mind the mission” at the Communist Party of China History Museum, where they relived the Party’s centennial journey of struggle, apprehended the original aspiration and mission and got inspired to shoulder the mission of the times. Over 180 persons participated in the study tour, including members of Party Leading Members’ Group and vice presidents of BAST Liu Xiaokan and Meng Fanxing, and heads of Party building work groups of general Party branches of organs, public institutions and social organizations and some learned societies.  

Under the theme “staying true to original aspiration and bearing in mind the mission”, the exhibition showed over 2600 pictures and 3600 pieces of cultural relics and objects reflecting the centennial history of CPC. In the exhibition hall, Party members and cadres visited four parts of the exhibition in succession, namely, “established CPC and won the great victory of new democratic revolution”, “founded the People’s Republic of China and engaged in socialist revolution and construction”, “practiced reform and opening-up, and pioneered and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics”, and “drove socialism with Chinese characteristics to enter the new era, built a well-off society in all aspects and started a new journey of building a socialist modern country in all aspects”. The precious cultural relics and objects, detailed files and materials, vivid pictures and videos and lifelike reconstituted landscapes inside the exhibition hall show the splendid centennial journey of CPC in an all-round, whole-process, panoramic and epic manner, emphatically reflecting the Party’s history of unremitting struggle, sacrifice, theoretical exploration, benefiting people and self building, allowing viewers to deeply realize the hard-won red regime, hard-won new China and hard-won socialism with Chinese characteristics, and deeply realize that why CPC could do it, why Marxism is workable and why socialism with Chinese characteristics is desirable. 

During the study tour of one and a half hour, Party members and cadres fully involved themselves in this immersive class of Party history learning and education, in which they tentatively listened to interpretations, seriously watches textual descriptions, historical pictures and valuable cultural relics, engaged in heated discussions and shared their takeaways from the study tour. 

Zhang Hongbo from the Party branch of General Office: 

This study tour allowed me more deeply understand that only CPC could save, develop and prosper China. I will continue availing myself of the Party history learning and education, apprehend the ideological might from the extraordinary centennial journey of the Party, absorb development wisdom, further solidify my ideals and belief, more conscientiously fulfill original aspiration and mission, remain grateful to the Party, listen to the Party’s calling, follow the Party’s footstep and write new chapters of association for science and technology in Chinese nation’s journey of great rejuvenation.

Meng Fanlei from Party branch of the Department for Personnel Affairs: 

This is the first time I felt the Party history exhibition so large, enriched and thoroughly documented, and immersed myself in the evolution and glorious journey of the Party, this form of study tour well echoing and complementing my previous textbook learning. We must cherish the extraordinary development history of new China more, greatly carry forward the glorious tradition and fine work style of the Party, fulfill our duties, and work hard and progressively to make our own contributions in respective jobs. 

Cui Jiashu from the Party branch of the Department for Societies Affairs:  

The great struggle created a centennial glory. The whole exhibition is just like a stereoscopic Party history book that records the glorious centennial journey of struggle of the Party and echoes the resounding footsteps of an ancient nationality towards rejuvenation. “Each generation has its own long march, and each generation should accomplish its long march well.” This visit gave me another profound Party character education and spiritual baptism, and solidified my original aspiration and mission to serve the people. I will always strictly discipline myself, dare to make a difference and innovate, hone my morality towards nobility and contribute my part to the cause of the association for science and technology. 

Yang Liu from Party branch of Science Popularization Development and Research Center: 

We cannot forget our original aspiration at any time, and every one of us, as large as the country and nation and as small as an entity, can make the country strong, the nation prosperous, our entities develop and individuals progress only when we stay true to our original aspirations and learn from histories. A review of this study tour allows me to realize that we should remember the history, cherish the wonderful life at present and more actively involve ourselves in the cause of science communication to contribute our part to the improvement in civic literacy. 

Chen Rui from the Party branch of Science and Technology Education Center (Party School of BAST): 

During the visit, what impressed me deeply is that I saw the power of science and technology and China’s progress and development cannot be done without focusing on science. From the “two bombs, one satellite” to hybrid rice, and from aerospace development to the path under our feet, every progress is a product brought by science and technology. As the Party and country make increased input in science and technology and give more interpretations and connotations to science development, we truly entered an era that belongs to science. For this, as staff members of BAST, we need to work harder to communicate science and connect it with economic development under the leadership of the Party more than ever before, as well as learn to use the technology of the times to carry forward traditional culture, revolutionary spirit and power of science and technology in our work.  

Ying Jie from the Party ranch of the Science Center: 

Standing before the gallows where comrade Li Dazhao died a heroic death, I feel like his passionate words right before his heroic death are resounding: “Simply because the reactionary hanged me today does not mean they hanged the great communism, which will inevitably achieve glorious victory in China.” His words made me deeply feel his revolutionary spirit and noble character of holding firmly to the truth and original aspiration and daring to fight and to be the first, which are always worth learning for each and every Party member.  

Li Hong from the Party branch of Innovation Service Center: 

Looking back at the past path of struggle, and looking into the road of progression ahead, as a young Party member, I feel compelled to learn and summarize the Party history well, inherit the valuable experience of the Party well, remember the journey of struggle, shoulder the historic mission and get inspired from the Party’s history of struggle to move forward; I should play my part, actively involve myself in the construction of “two areas” and “three platforms” surrounding the requirements for high-quality development of the capital city, and fuel the construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center. 

Li Yushan from the Party branch of Beijing Science and Technology Center for International Cooperation: 

During my visit to the Party history exhibition, what moved me most are the stories of communists with the brightest background color that were written with struggle behind those pictures. They devoted themselves to revolution, and made unremitting efforts to save the nation out of danger and construct a country for the people. They fought through adversities, worked day and night, and made trials and errors no matter what. It is exactly these “ordinary people” who fought hard in the tides of time that allowed decedents to enjoy the happiness brought by the predecessors overcoming all obstacles. As Party members in the new era, we are supposed to carry forward the spirit of communists and consciously enhance our historic undertaking of delivering on commitments with firm original aspirations. 

Through the study tour, Party members and cadres of BAST further solidified their determination to strengthen Party history learning and education and carry forward the great founding spirit of the Party, further elevated their consciousness of “staying true to original aspiration and bearing in mind the mission” and motivated them to further unite themselves around the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core, carry forward the red gene, inherit the red legacy, shoulder the historic mission and devote their lives to the Chinese dreams of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 

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