BAST holds a discussion meeting on work of district-level branches


On the afternoon of October 13, BAST held a discussion meeting on work of district-level branches to discuss how district-level branches actively get involved in construction of regional centers and solicit opinions and suggestions on how BAST does a better job in the new period. Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST Shen Jie chaired and made speeches at the meeting, which was attended by bureau-level leaders of BAST, key leaders of district branches of BAST across the city and officers of departments and public institutions of BAST. 

Key leaders of 16 district-level branches of BAST including Dongcheng, Xicheng, Pinggu and Huairou district introduced respective work priorities. District-level branches of BAST adhere to the “four-pronged service” function, endeavor to unite and serve sci-tech workers, help increase scientific literacy of the general public and build up BAST organization by focusing on respective functional orientation and development priorities, making positive contributions to innovation-driven development of respective districts. District-level branches of BAST fully recognized the need to intensify work exchanges among district- and city-level association for science and technology, and expected BAST to give greater support and guidance to primary-level organizations in an effort to seek favorable policies and resources for BAST organization at all levels citywide to play their roles surrounding the center, and to drive BAST organization across the city to make greater progress in serving the socioeconomic development. 

Shen Jie pointed out that BAST would stick to its “open-door” policy, actively promote sharing of system resources and interconnection of social actors, fully gather organizational synergy, and broaden the cooperation network to make greater contributions to promoting high-quality development of regions. 

Shen Jie emphasized several requirements, firstly, firmly grasp the organizational role of BAST, and build a vibrant, caring and efficient mass organization.  Constantly enhance the political character, advanced character and mass character of BAST, and actively build an open, hub-like and platform-type organization. BAST is a people’s organization under the Party’s leadership, expected to unite and lead sci-tech workers to follow the Party’s footsteps, better serve the national strategies and get deeply involved in the mission to develop the capital city, while also expected to work hand in hand with sci-tech workers and ordinary people to provide pragmatic, effective services and faithfully perform duties as the bridge and tie. Secondly, work closely around the “four services” and realize “four contributions” of BAST.    Focus on sparking the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, increasing scientific literacy of all people and guiding, fostering, gathering and motivating scientists and technologists, and make contributions to serving the innovation-driven development; identify and meet needs, and make contributions to building the capital city into a world’s talent highland, with a focus on attracting and gather sci-tech workers to contribute to the development of the capital city; make contributions to sparking the innovation vitality and creativity of enterprises by focusing on renewing thoughts and notions, increasing the service awareness, enabling in-house innovation of companies and helping improve the business environment; and make contributions to nationwide scientific and cultural literacy improvement by focusing on promoting integrated development of science popularization, scientific and technological innovation, culture and art and tourism, and creating a good atmosphere for innovative culture. Thirdly, intensify support, service and interfacing to and for primary-level organizations to form a new work pattern of collaboration and interaction. BAST will help mobilize scientists and technologists, staff, large events, authorities and funding to sink to the primary-level organizations, provide much-needed precise services to primary-level organizations, constantly improve the city-district interactive working mechanism and help improve the ability of BAST organization at city and district levels to serve the overall interests. 

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