The 2021 International Competition of Autonomous Running Robots concluded successfully


From October 15 to 17, the closing ceremony of the 2021 International Competition of Autonomous Running Robots took place at Beijing Science Center successfully. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Meng Fanxing attended the closing ceremony and made a speech. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology Liu Qingjun, Wang Zhihua, IEEE fellow, Tsinghua University professor and vice president of Beijing Institute of Electronics, Qian Zhenyu, vice chairman of executive committee of Germany-China Industry 4.0 Alliance and partner of Jingmin Tiancheng Investment Co., Ltd, Zhang Chun, director of Institute of IC Design and Design Automation of School of Integrated Circuits of Tsinghua University, and representatives of universities, scientific research institutes and companies and participating teachers and students attended the ceremony. Zhang Ying, Vice President of Information and Artificial Intelligence Institute of Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and Vice Chairman of Beijing Institute of Electronics, hosted the closing ceremony. 

The first prize-winning team at the 2021 International Competition of Autonomous Running Robots 

Meng Fanxing pointed out in his speech that the competition is an international AI competition platform established by BAST to focus on fostering cutting-edge scientists and technologists and make full use of its abundant academic resources in support of construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center and development of sophisticated industries in the capital city. On the basis of the past two sessions, this event became bigger and more influential and more closely combined with industries, while showing the progressive, open and innovative scientific spirit of young scientists and technologists in the new era. He expected this event to discover and foster more young professionals in the field of AI, make more new progresses in multi-disciplinary integration, academic exchange and achievements transformation, and make new contributions to discipline development, talent development and industrial devilment in the AI field. 

Highlights of the competition 

This competition consisted of 6 events, with more challenging and ornamental events such as racing, puzzle cracking and virtual football events added to the previous items of field standard competition, performance competition and virtual standard competition, making the competition more enriched and difficult and posing higher requirements for the programming skills and practical operation ability of contestants. After two days of fierce competition, the competition finally gave rise to 2 winners of first prize, 13 winners of second prize, 15 winners of third prize and 14 winners of excellence prize. 

Entrepreneurial forum

In order to meet the innovation and entrepreneurial needs of young scientists and technologists, and promote transformation of technologies and talent, an entrepreneurial forum was held during the competition, where CEO and managing partner of TrusStar Investment Management Co., Ltd Liu Bo, founder, chairman and CEO of Robot Phoenix Zhang Sai, founder and CEO of Leju (Shenzhen) Robot Technology Co., Ltd Chang Lin, co-founder and VP of product of Xiao Ice Co., Ltd Peng Shuang shared their ideas and thoughts about startup experience and future of this industry with contestants, which were well received by contestants. 

Many media outlets including Beijing TV Station, People’s Daily,, Science and Technology Daily, China Daily and China Youth Daily covered this event, which was live streamed on BAST’s online channel from beginning to end, receiving nearly 2.20 million views in total. 

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