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A decision consulting salon held under the theme “improving status quo of application and lightening gray spaces”


On the afternoon of December 15, sponsored by BAST and organized by Beijing Society of Surveying and Mapping, BAST Innovation Service Center and Beijing Key Lab of Urban Spatial Information Engineering, a decision consulting salon titled “improving status quo of application and lightening gray spaces” took place in Beijing. Encompassing the theme of “under-bridge space utilization analysis in Beijing”, President of BSSM Yang Bogang, Wei He from Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design, Prof. Hou Xiaolei from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Chen Yunhao from Beijing Normal University, director of the intelligent transportation division of urban transportation center of China Academy of Transportation Sciences Liu Xianglong, Tao Yingchun from Beijing Institute of Surveying and Mapping, general manager of Beijing Gonglian Highway Connections Co., Ltd Operation and Development Branch Fu Yu, deputy general manager of Beijing Best Transport Tech Co., Ltd Sun Hairui and Li Na from the Big Data Center of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology engaged in in-depth discussions. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Liu Xiaokan attended the event and made a speech. 

At the meeting, BSSM introduced the background of the salon in respect of under-bridge space utilization analysis in Beijing, and presented a survey report on under-bridge spatial resource utilization in Beijing. Experts made keynote reports and shared ideas and thoughts about renewal of under-bridge spaces, governance of underpass spaces of urban roads in Beijing, underpass spaces and transport and parking planning, and newel of auxiliary spaces and landscapes of urban overpasses, engaged in deep discussions and exchanges about status quo of under-bridge space utilization in Beijing, identified problems and corrective measures, and domestic and overseas good practices in planning, management, regularization and landscape environment of under-bridge spaces, as well as provided constructive suggestions on beefing up the intelligent supervision and normative use of under-bridge spaces. 

Liu Xiaokan thanked experts for attending this salon, pointing out that the decision consulting salon is an important branded effort of BAST on think tank building, designed to pool wisdom of experts by setting up an communication platform across domains, industries and specialties, and to form scientific policy advice to inform science-based decisions of the Party and government through the green channel of direct reporting from BAST to the municipal leaders. Experts came up with many good suggestions and formed many consensuses. The reasonable utilization of under-bridge spaces is a requirement of fine urban management and also people’s expectation, so it should be oriented towards public needs and seek the greatest common denominator and aim at benefiting people, so as to increase the level and effectiveness of reasonable under-bridge space utilization in Beijing and constantly raise the level of fine urban management in the city. 

Related officers of the Department for Research and Publicity and Innovation Service Center of BAST participated in the salon.   

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