Joint efforts to create “new video/audio” of science popularization for improved civic science literacy in Beijing


In order to promote innovation in audiovisual publicity cooperation mechanism for radio and TV networks in Beijing, motivate scientists and technologists and media workers to create more high-quality science popularization contents and further enrich spiritual and cultural life of Beijing residents, on December 18, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and BAST signed the “New Video/Audio”+ Capital Science Popularization Publicity Cooperation Framework Agreement, while BAST also signed the 2022 MOU on cooperation with Beijing Radio & Television Station. Secretary of Leading Party Members’Group and Director of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau Yang Shuo, Secretary of Leading Party Members’Group of Beijing Association for Science and Technology Shen Jie and Member of Leading Party Members’Group and Associate Editor in Chief of Beijing Radio & Television Station Ai Dongyun attended the ceremony. 

According to the framework cooperation agreement, the Bureau and BAST will engage in close cooperation on actively carrying forward the scientist spirit in the new era, building audiovisual platforms for science communication, establishing talent incubation and cultivation mechanisms, building high-level not-for-profit publicity platforms and constructing new audiovisual expert pools by relying on respective high-quality resources and media channels. In the future, both sides will work together to create key projects including radio and TV science communication programs, documentaries, cartoons, “new audiovisual” branded events of science popularization and “new audiovisual”scientist advisory panel of science popularization, in an effort to jointly explore new approaches, paths and strategies for integrated development of science popularization and “new video/audio”.

In the cooperation MOU, both BAST and BRTS noted that both sides will engage in full-scale, in-depth cooperation on seven aspects such as holding the televised “New Year’s Eve of Science 2023”, producing series of programs featuring scientific and technological innovators in Beijing and jointly creating all-media matrix of science communication in 2022, in order to deepen the integration between science and technology and culture, enable high-quality development of the capital, serving the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center and an international sci-tech innovation center and making overall planning for high-quality development of science popularization in the capital with the help of “new audiovisual” resources of the capital. 

Ai Dongyun said in the future BRTS will further exploit the capital’s strengths, create choice radio and TV programs, fully demonstrate “the leading role of Beijing”, create an open innovation cooperation mechanism unique to the capital, construct a high-quality open, innovation environment, endeavor to integrate program operation into the science and technology ecosystem of the capital to form benign “linking” and “converging” effects, all surrounding the national key strategies. 

Shen Jie said the signing of this agreement is intended to break through industrial and domain boundaries, establish long-acting cooperation mechanisms and drive integrated development of science communication and new audiovisual media, and that both sides will jointly serve the construction of Beijing as an internationall sci-tech innovation center by carrying forward the scientist spirit, creating a new matrix of science communication in the capital with all-out efforts and constantly solidifying the foundation for new media and science communication. 

Yang Shuo said the Bureau will collaborate with BAST to leverage the strengths of “holistic publicity” platform to contribute to science communication work in the capital, achieve continuous improvement in thematic publicity and choice work creation, jointly create trendy products of science communication in Beijing, allow science communication to ride on the “Chinese way” of “audiovisual festivals and exhibitions”, effectively facilitate quality improvement and upgrading of science communication and achieve high-quality, innovative development of science communication. 

On the same day, the event also invited many science communication experts and famous media professionals to share their thoughts about “integrated development of science communication and new video and audio” and “new media-enabled science communication under the perspective of scientific thinking”, as well as raised suggestions and expectations on constructing “new audiovisual” platforms for science popularization, including Zhu Dingzhen, chief expert on meteorological service from the Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration, Gou Lijun, research fellow with National Astronomical Observatories of CAS, executive editor in chief of Chinese National Astronomy and deputy director of science-image integration committee of China Science Writers Association, Yan Wei, director of the science education channel center of BRTS, Pan Quanxin, director of convergence media center of BRTS, general manager of Beijing New Media Group and general manager of Beijing Time, Li Chengcai, director of documentary “Chinese Plants influencing the World”, Yang Wei, chief producer of documentary “National Pioneers of Meritorious Service”, Ning Yuan, a Douyin science communication influencer “Modeler Yuan” and Zhan Ji, science popularization cartoon producer of China Science and Technology Press. 

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