2021 BAST publicity and foreign affairs training seminar held


Guan Jingjing, communication director of Marketing Department of 360 Group Ltd and former director of New Media Center of Science and Technology Daily, elaborated the practice and theoretical analysis of science and technology reporting under the title “how tech guys harness new media”using case studies such as “four questions for gene-edited babies” and “examining the COVID-19 minutely”, talking about essentials of high-quality information content generation behind graphic and textual media. 

Wang Huan, operation director of government affairs account of Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd, shared how to use short video for government affairs communication from the perspective of “Douyin” under the title “short video fuels spread of government affairs information”, analyzing the need to ensure appropriate topic selection and video length for the purposes of making e-government new media more influential, as well as to stay ahead of others, act cute seriously, work along both lines, sufficiently interact and efficiently collaborate while serving users. 

Associate professor Lei Shaohua from School of International Studies of Peking University delivered a keynote lecture under the theme “Science, Technology, Industry and China-US Competition”. By analyzing the structural conflicts between China and US in industry development and development patterns of modern science and technology, he pointed out that China-US competition has entered a new track in terms of new technology development, new infrastructure, new industrial cluster and new market size. Lei believed that China will become the world’s only country with complete digital information industry chain, bound to thoroughly restructure the world’s industry structure since the first industrialization following the principles of peace and order, and fully establish an “autonomous, controllable” digital information industry system. 

In order to carry out the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and municipal Party committee for enhancing publicity and foreign affairs work, and increase the political accomplishment and work capability of publicity and foreign-related officers of BAST, on December 22-23, BAST publicity and foreign affairs training seminar was held at Beijing Science Center. 

Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Liu Xiaokan empathized at the kickoff meeting that serving scientists and technologists, supporting innovation-driven development, raising science literacy of all people and serving the scientific decision making of the Party and government are important duties of BAST, while property publicity is the essential requirement to enhance the ideological and political guidance of scientists and technologists and carrying forward the scientist spirit, an important part of efforts to enhance service abilities of BAST and a fundamental work in support of the cause of BAST. Publicity and foreign affairs work are highly political and specialized so that trainees are expected to associate theories with practice and learn by acting, thinking and apprehending so as to help achieve high-level development of the cause of BAST. 

Senior journalist Jiang Jianke from the People’s Daily introduced the ways to dig out-of-sight news including long-term tracking, knowledge forecasting and reverse thinking method under the title “study and carry out the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and make proper publicity and news reporting with the out-of-sight concept”. Moreover, he elaborated the newsgathering and writing principles for out-of-sight news in terms of grasping the law of one third and combining the “short term” with “long term”. 

Former dean of School of Marxism of Capital Normal University Prof. Li Songlin delivered a fascinating lecture titled “situation across the Taiwan Straits and CPC’s work towards Taiwan in the new period”. By taking stock of unusual things about relations across the Taiwan Straits, Prof. Li provided a detailed and insightful analysis of US and Japan making troubles in the straits, new characteristics of Taiwanese political landscape and CPC’s current policy towards Taiwan, before leading trainees to review the historical root of Taiwan issues and further deepening their understanding of the work towards Taiwan in the new era, using a large number data and historical facts. He particularly emphasized the firm stance on the “one China” principle and the consistent desire of the central government for“peaceful unification” 

Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Tian Wen emphasized at the closing ceremony the need for this publicity and foreign affairs training seminar, raising three requirements and expectations for the future publicity and foreign affair work: first, pay close attention to publicity and foreign affairs work, make full use of takeaways to apply acquired knowledge into practice, further combine publicity with foreign affairs work to make concrete results in the future actual work; second, heads of departments, entities and society members and district branches of BAST are required to fulfill their primary responsibilities, and primary-level Party organizations are required to fulfill their responsibility and ensure actual implementation of institution, mechanism and responsibility; third, earnestly summarize the experience in holding this training seminar, explore more ways of training and make early planning for next year’s training efforts. 

In light of ongoing prevention and control of the COVID-19 and related work requirements, this training seminar took place both online and offline, involving over 100 leaders, full-time and part-time officers of publicity and foreign affairs from organs, public institutions and district branches of BAST, municipal societies (associations and foundations) and primary-level organizations. The courses prepared elaborately by lecturers were well received and highly recognized by trainees, who expected to participate in more learning and exchange activities inside BAST organization for continuously improving their publicity and foreign affairs work performance. 

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