BAST leaders survey China Academy of Aerospace Systems Science and Engineering


On the afternoon of December 24, Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST and her colleagues visited China Academy of Aerospace Systems Science and Engineering for a field survey. The delegation visited the aerospace science popularization experience hall, before holding a discussion meeting. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Chen Weicheng, President of CAASSE Gu Shenggao, deputy office director Zhao Bin, Secretary of Party Branch of Institute of Information Engineering Shi Bohua, director of synergetic intelligence department of IIE Li Lingfei and related officers of the Department for Science and Technology Popularization of BAST, Beijing Science Center and Beijing Science Popularization Development and Research Center participated in the discussion meeting. 

Gu Shenggao introduced the basic profile, history, main business and original intention to develop aerospace science popularization work system of the Academy, Li Linfei introduced the “aerospace journey” science popularization work system guided by Qian Xuesen’s synergistic intelligence, based on distinctive courses, supported by online teaching, backed by aerospace experience, assisted by offline activities and winged by study tour, including constructing venues of aerospace patriotism, developing aerospace science communication experience products, developing aerospace exploration themed courses, organizing aerospace research learning activities and holding lectures and competitions, with a view to publicizing the spirit of astronaut, spreading aerospace knowledge and revitalizing the aerospace science popularization ecosystem. Participants engaged in deep exchanges surrounding cooperation on science popularization resource platforms and think tanks. 

Shen Jie spoke highly of the science popularization efforts of the Academy. She pointed out that the Academy makes full use of its expertise to make science popularization work deep, wide and novel in the field of aerospace and truly enable technological innovation and science popularization at the same time. BAST, as a bridge and tie between Party and scientists and technologists, needs to better serve scientists and technologists of the central government’s departments, expecting the Academy to support the development of Beijing and establish an ongoing cooperation between BAST and the Academy by establishing a branch of BAST at the Academy, carrying ford the scientist spirit, cultivating and recommending scientific and technological talent, conducting academic exchanges, establishing think tank bases and strengthening cooperation on science popularization, for jointly promoting the development of the capital in the new era and contributing to the construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center.  

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