BAST holds 2022 theory-discussing meeting


On December 27, BAST held the 2022 theory-discussing meeting to discuss the approach and priorities of its work for 2022. Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST Shen Jie chaired the meeting and made speeches. Department heads of BAST organs reported respective approaches and arrangements of work for 2022, while bureau-level leaders raised opinions and suggestions on respective terms of reference in light of issues found during field surveys. 

Shen Jie pointed out that BAST’s work of 2022 needs to fully carry out the spirit of plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the 18th plenary session of the 12th Party Committee of Beijing Municipality, always bear in mind the “overall interests of the country”, and constantly increase the political judgment, apprehensiveness and execution. Consciously benchmark against the central work and primary-level needs of CAST and the city, systematically plan for work and take well-targeted steps. Focus on the overall requirement for promoting the development of the capital in the new era, find the entry point of BAST’s work, interact and lead high-quality development surrounding the “five strategic moves” of Beijing, and plan for the next year’s work according to the requirements of “ a single chessboard”, “a ball of fire” and “a net”. 

Shen Jie emphasized several requirements: first, always seek truth from facts and stay open and collaborative as the overall tone, grasp the development patterns of the capital, find the role of BAST, base itself on social needs, actively find the spaces for improvement, perfect the institutional and mechanism building, seriously focus efforts on researching and resolving problems, make practical achievements and endeavor to do concrete things for practical results by taking practical steps. Second, remain oriented towards problem and objective, constantly expand the sphere of resources, friends and communication of BAST organization, advance the field surveys of BAST, closely associate with societies (associations) and grass-roots organizations, listen to scientists and technologists and form a work system of vertical pass-through and horizontal convergence to make BAST a home away from home for scientists and technologists; third, establish the right value orientation, consciously plan for work from the perspective of national interests, integrate BAST’s work into the construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and ensure BAST’s work remains coordinated and aligned with the overall tone of work of the central and municipal government. All departments and public institutions of BAST are required to take tasks proactively and study work measures by reference to departmental functions, especially by optimizing the way of serving scientists and engineers, building platforms for their personal and professional growth, guiding them to actively get involved in economic development as the main battlefield, closely connect personal growth with national development and build up strengths for construction of Beijing as a high-level talent highland. Fourth, keep abreast of the times, find the entry point of work, actively make a difference, integrate BAST’s work into national and municipal key strategies, polices, events and timelines, expand the organizational boundaries of BAST, make full use of social resources, explore new ways of work and development by acting on small entry points, constantly expand the creativity and influence of BAST organization, drive the BAST organization to become a service-oriented and eco-friendly organization and to provide support for building a new development pattern of the capital. 

Shen Jie required all departments and public institutions of BAST head office to actively make a difference, focus on primary responsibility and make overall planning for the next year’s tasks, break new grounds for work with a sense of purpose and sense of urgency, transform decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and Municipal Party Committee into vivid practices of BAST, and embrace the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress with new achievements of BAST made in serving the new development pattern and facilitating high-quality development. 

BAST’s leaders attended the meeting. Key officers and cadres at deputy section director level or above of departments and public institutions of BAST attended the meeting as nonvoting attendees. 

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