Beijing’s S&T volunteers and voluntary service program praised by CAST


Recently, the General Office of CAST published the 2021 List of Typical Examples of S&T Voluntary Services, including 30 S&T volunteers, 30 S&T voluntary service teams, 30 S&T voluntary service programs and 10 S&T voluntary service points (communities or villages) from across the country, of which Zhang Zhihui and the Rising Sunset S&T voluntary service program recommended by BAST received this honor and were praised and publicized. 

Zhang Zhihui formed a science popularization voluntary service detachment of Beijing Science Popularization Voluntary Service Task Force called “Our Space Station”, which gathers young scientific researchers and postgraduates at Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of CAS to actively get involved in science popularization voluntary services, by creating and running a Bilibili account of “our space station”, expanding the audience and influence, developing the first series of science picture book “Marching towards Space”in the field of manned spaceflight, and a series of kids’ science popularization picture book “China’s Lunar Exploration” reflecting China’s lunar exploration program, of which the former won the national best science popularization work award from the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

The Rising Sunset S&T voluntary service program, aimed at “letting youth accompany the old people and rejuvenating the old people”, involves perennial provision of intelligent services to old people, active setup of new charitable platforms for young people to assist old people pro bono, teaching old people how to use smart phones and computers in communities, creating incubation, teaching, course and management systems, and empowering young volunteers, capable to increase 16 capability indicators of media literacy of old people by 96.1%. A total of 0.20 million young people from over 100 universities nationwide are mobilized by this program to serve more than one million old people in communities, covered by mainstream media outlets such as the People’s Daily many times. 

BAST has long been actively facilitating the establishment of science popularization voluntary service work system, working on building up Beijing Science Popularization Voluntary Service Task Force, organizing science popularization voluntary service detachments at all levels and of all types to engage in voluntary service extensively, and actively contributing to the science literacy improvement of Beijing citizens and the construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center.  

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