BAST holds a salon on “way” and “strategy” for China’s seed industry


The seed industry is the “chip” of agriculture, and China’s seed industry revitalization has shifted to the phase of full-scale implementation. In order to deeply understand challenges to China’s seed industry, look into the prospects of China’s seed industry and facilitate the development of Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing, on December 28, 2021, with the generous support of Tongzhou District Party Committee and District Government, BAST held a salon on the “way” and “strategy” for China’s seed industry and the first session of BAST think tanks “discussing strategies and ways”, which was organized by Beijing Agricultural Society, Beijing Association of Science and Technology Reporters and Editors, and Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science Park. 

Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST Shen Jie, Secretary of Tongzhou District Party Committee Zhao Lei, Deputy Secretary of Tongzhou District Party Committee and Head of Tongzhou District Meng Jingwei, member of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Liu Xiaokan, standing committee member of Tongzhou District Party Committee and Deputy Head of Tongzhou District Su Guobin, standing committee member of BAST, President of Beijing Agricultural Society and Secretary of Party Committee of Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture Li Yunfu attended this salon. 

In order to fully drive BAST’s specialized think tank bases to serve the socioeconomic development of Tongzhou District, and serve the construction of demonstration area of a world-class harmonious and livable capital, the new-type urbanization demonstration area and the demonstration area for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration initiative, BAST signed the 2022 letter of intent on cooperation with Tongzhou District Government. In order to strengthen Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science Park and cultivate a group of internationally influential modern seed companies, Beijing Agricultural Society signed a strategic cooperation MOU with Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science Park, whereby both sides will engage in deep cooperation on transformation of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech test demonstration and talent cultivation. 

Xu Shiwei, research fellow with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and chief scientist of agricultural monitoring and early warning, Zhao Jiuran, head of corn expert steering group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and research fellow with the Corn Institute of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Zhao Changping, chief scientist for the hybrid wheat project under the national key research and development program and research fellow with BAAFS, Zheng Huaiguo, director of the knowledge management and intelligence research center of the Information Institute of BAAFS and research fellow, head of seed division of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Wang Yizhong and secretary of Party committee of Yujiawu Town of Tongzhou District He Zhida made presentations and sharing about outlook on China’s seed industry, sustainable development process and future development direction of corn seen industry, wheat seed industry research and industry status, international competiveness analysis of China’s seed industry, Beijing’s seed industry policy and outlook and the practice of and thoughts about Yujiawu International Seed Industry Science Park. 

Reporters from Beijing Daily, Science and Technology Daily and Farmers Daily talked to the experts onsite about science and technology innovation in China’s seed industry, seed industry competitiveness and outlook on Beijing’s seed industry. 

From 2017, BAST selected 20 societies, universities and scientific research institutes with decision consulting basis and research potential as 20 specialized think tank bases. In order to fully leverage the role of think tanks in informing social governance and enlightening public wisdom, publish research findings to the public and interpret important decisions in a timely manner, BAST organized one or two dialogues between think tank experts and science and technology reporters talking about “strategies and ways” each year, and will contribute the intellectual power of scientific and technological circles in the capital to address daunting challenges to the development of science and technology in Beijing. 

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