BAST holds 2021 Science Popularization Work Coordination Meeting (1st session)


To further properly conduct science popularization work in 2021 and ensure coordination and synergy between municipal and district-level efforts of BAST, on the morning of March 5, BAST held the 2021 science popularization work coordination meeting (1st session). Secretary of Leading Party Member’s Group of BAST Ma Lin and member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Liu Xiaokan attended the meeting, which was presided over by the class-2 inspector of BAST Chen Weicheng. Leaders of BAST’s district branches and related officers of the Department for Science and Technology Popularization participated in the meeting


At the meeting, the main results of the 2020 Beijing citizen science literacy sampling survey, development status of civic science literacy of different groups and status of access to sci-tech information and participation in science popularization were announced; the achievements made and thoughts on science popularization work during the “13th five-year plan” period were communicated, followed by detailed introduction to the main approaches, objectives and tasks of science popularization work in the “14th five-year plan” period.

Chen Weicheng raised requirements for the regional development of Beijing Science Carnival, Beijing Science Center’s “1+16+N” system development and citywide science literacy work appraisal and evaluation, among other activities.

Liu Xiaokan conveyed the spirit of instructions from Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi regarding science literacy building efforts. He emphasized three requirements: first, continue strengthening the interaction between municipal and district-level activities of BAST, plan for science popularization work of respective districts in the “14th five-year” plan period according to requirements of respective district Party committee and district government, and work on the citywide science literacy efforts as a prioritized task in the “14th five-year” plan period by encompassing the five categories of populations and five programs; second, properly conduct science popularization activities in 2021 to lay a solid foundation for the “14th five-year” plan, formulate district-specific development objectives based on respective districts’ characteristics and priorities, improve the leadership mechanism, perfect the work mechanism and beef up team building by taking advantage of the citywide science literacy work appraisal and evaluation; third, carry out various task of the citywide science literacy efforts, make full use of city-level resources to build science popularization brands in light of regional characteristics and make overall planning of regional science and technology venues and science popularization bases to form a regional science popularization network and actively participate in construction of Beijing as a civilized practice centre in the new era.

Ma Lin emphasized in his wrap-up speech as follows: first, fully understand the importance of science popularization work, as the important instructions from Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Cai Qi regarding science literacy building efforts have created new opportunities for innovative development of science popularization work, calling for greater efforts to understand the important mission of science popularization work from the strategic perspective of construction of Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center, and to further explore the potential of science popularization work; second, fully understand the current development phase of science polarization work and the new situation facing science popularization work, appreciate the meaning of science popularization in the new era, seize the new phase and opportunities to highlight communication of scientific thoughts and methods, take creative measures for idea publicity and fully meet the science communication needs of the general public in the new era; third, fully leverage the role of specialized science popularization teams, make full use of science popularization platform resources centered on science education museums in a planned manner, increase liaison, form synergistic efforts, identify the main direction and content of science popularization work by benchmarking against the “143” program, in which both“4” and “3” should be at the service of “1”. Meanwhile, BAST will insist on top-down interaction and further intensify its efforts to support for work of district-level branches of BAST.


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