Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of CAST Xu Yanhao surveys in Beijing


In order to deeply implement the major decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, deeply understand the condition of scientific researchers, and better unite and contact sci-tech workers to innovate and make greater contributions to the development of science and technology in the country and construction of an innovation-driven country in the new era, on April 14, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group, Vice President and Secretary of Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology Xu Yanyao and his colleagues conducted a special survey in Beijing. President of National Academy of Innovation Strategy Ren Fujun, deputy head of the Department for Research and Publicity of CAST Wu Shanchao, Secretary of Leading Party Members’ Group of BAST Ma Lin, Executive Vice President of BAST SIMA Hong, member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Tian Wen, and class-2 inspector and Secretary General of BAST Zhang Yushan accompanied the visiting survey team.

At the discussion meeting of Beijing’s youth scientific researchers under the theme “Motivating Talented People to Innovate”, 8 youth scientific research representatives from Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing Planetarium and Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection presented respective experience and practices in scientific research and difficulties encountered by focusing on the survey content and in light of respective actual work, analyzed major factors and institutional barriers affecting the innovation motivation of youth scientific researchers, and raised opinions and suggestions in terms of deepening the evaluation system reform for scientific researchers, intensifying support for youth scientific researchers, paying attention to physical and mental health of youth scientific researchers and improving the country’s ability of original innovation. 

In order to understand experience and issues in transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Xu Yanhao and his colleagues visited Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence and Beijing ZGC Science City Innovation Development Co., Ltd for field surveys, where they debriefed recipients about their business operations and discussed with related personnel about development of new R&D institutions, industry investment and ecological service platform construction and innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation services.

Xu Yanhao noted that the Party has always been valuing science and technology work and scientific researchers, as the “14th five-year” plan and the 2035 long-term objective outline lay down the need to “insist on innovation as the core in the modernization drive of the country and regard the science and technology self-reliance as a strategic support for the national development”, bringing the responsibility and mission on the shoulders of scientific researchers to an unprecedented height. It is a shared responsibility and task of the whole society to create favorable conditions for personal and professional growth of scientific researchers, create rewarding atmospheres and fully arouse the initiative, positivity and creativity of scientific researchers. An important task of CAST as a mass organization of sci-tech workers is to understand how scientific researchers think and feel, reflect suggestions, opinions and appeals of scientific researchers, help them resolve some issues and difficulties and help them get actively involved in the construction of the country as a powerful nation of science and technology. The competition among countries is essentially competition for talented people, which requires scientific researchers, especially young ones, to always uphold their ideals and believes, stay clearheaded, endeavor to become socialist constructors and successors with ideas, sentiments, responsibility and commitment and strive for the realization of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Ma Lin welcomed and thanked the delegation for their survey and guidance in Beijing, adding that BAST has made positive achievements in its 3-year deep reform program under the direct guidance of CAST and with the concerted efforts of sci-tech workers in Beijing, with the cause of the organization coming onto a new platform. In the “14th five-year” plan period, BAST people will continue emancipating their minds, summarize experience, deepen the understanding of “three characters” of mass organizations and start a new journey of development on a new platform and a new starting point.

Related personnel of the General Office, Department for Research and Publicity and National Academy of Innovation Strategy of CAST and related personnel of the office, Department for Personnel Affairs and Department for Research and Publicity of BAST participated in the survey.


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