Beijing Youth Science and Technology Center wins “five-star award” for youth science and technology education efforts in 2020


May 10-12, the 2021 CAST Seminar on science and technology education for youth took place in Taian City of Shandong Province. Vice President and Secretary of Secretariat of CAST Meng Qinghai and Vice Governor of Shandong Province and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Ling Wen attended and spoke at the meeting. Member of Leading Party Members’ Group and Vice President of BAST Liu Xiaokan attended the meeting, and director of Beijing Youth Science and Technology Center Zhang Xiaohu participated in the meeting. BYSTC won the “five-star award” for its youth science and technology education efforts in 2020.


Director of Youth Science and Technology Center of CAST Xin Bing delivered an annual work report. The Youth Science and Technology Center of CAST made ad-hoc arrangements for prioritized efforts such as reforms of youth sci-tech competitions, construction of science education resources and professional capability improvement of science and technology instructors, followed by experience sharing among part of provincial branches of CAST and national societies. The meeting also involved a thematic Party day event at Taian cemetery of revolutionary martyrs in conjunction with Party history learning and education.  

Meng Qinghai pointed out that the year 2020 was an extraordinarily eventful year, as science and technology education for youth further solidified the foundation for transformation and upgrading of the cause by promoting the conversion from campaign into platform and from platform into ecosystem. The science and technology education for youth is supposed to make greater efforts to carry forward the scientist spirit, intensify ideological guidance of young people, enhance science literacy of young people, focus on cultivating reserve young professionals, researching more into the regular patterns of science and technology education efforts for youth and the talent development, as well as implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding “formation of a large group of teenage population with the potential as scientist” into the efforts to educate young people in science and technology;   It is required to grasp the new stage of development, deeply implement the new ideas of development, pinpoint the role in the construction of new development pattern, firmly follow the path of high-quality development for the youth science and technology education efforts, reshape the brand value and change colorful and rich science education activities into platforms that extensively guide the scientific interest of teenagers; it is also required to perfect the organizational mechanism, make full use of the three teams, establish mechanisms for convergence and connection between business and organizational building, organize and guide sci-tech workers, and take in social actors to jointly build the ecosystem for cultivation of reserve personnel; it is required to deepen the supply-side reform, build up events together as fronts, create a service system for high-quality development of youth science and education efforts that incorporate brands, platforms, teams, mechanisms, reforms and fronts, all poised to cultivate people of the times shouldering the great mission of national rejuvenation for the Party and the country.


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