BAST holds experience sharing meeting for hosts of “widely-concerned academic achievements symposium”


On the morning of May 19, BAST organized and held an experience sharing meeting for hosts of widely-concerned academic achievements symposium under the theme “leveraging the strengths of main platform for academic exchange and fostering gold medal hosts for BAST’s science communication channel”. Member of the Leading Party Member’s Group and Vice President of BAST Tian Wen attended the meeting and engaged in in-depth exchanges with participating representatives about qualities and capabilities required of hosts of academic exchanges. The meeting was hosted by deputy head of Department for Societies Affairs Li Bin.

During the discussion, participants said the widely-concerned academic achievements symposium reflects the true face and intrinsic characteristics of academic exchange events. Hosts can deeply lead and continuously exchange by flexibly utilizing online and offline elements, allow language to serve thoughts by applying linguistic skills in academic exchanges, and increase the overall ability to master the exchange venues through teamwork. “BAST channel” can explore the regular patterns and standards of academic exchange hosts with the “symposium” as the trial and the academic societies as the platform, so as to create gold medal hosts of academic exchanges and help academic exchanges return to their true colors. Related societies conducting the “symposium” should deeply apprehend BAST’s idea of “business-like academics”, seize the opportunity brought by BAST’s deep reforms, further raise the level of academic exchange events by organizing “symposiums”, fully demonstrate the beauty and role of academic exchanges and promote the development of academic societies.

All participants said the host panel discussion had a profound meaning and took place in a novel form. Hosts deeply felt their significant responsibility in promoting academic innovation and the need to continuously explore and practice, master the hosting skills, increase their hosting performance, fully mobilize the atmosphere of exchange and discussion for symposiums, lead the exchange and collision between academic thoughts and methods, spark the innovative ideas and build the “symposium” into an iconic academic exchange event for Beijing as an international sci-tech innovation center. 

12 hosts and representatives from 11 academic societies such as Beijing Association of Automation and Beijing Institute of Electronics, attended the meeting, as well as related staff members of BAST Department for Societies Affairs and Beijing Service Center for Science and Technology Societies. 


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