BRAUIC Celebrates its fifth Anniversary
2022-11-17 |

On November 11, the Fifth Anniversary Commemorative Celebration of the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC) & Forum on Higher Education in Architecture was held in a mixed format of both online and offline, attracting more than 200 representatives from over 40 universities and institutions of 14 countries, including China, UK, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Armenia, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of BRAUIC, all guests looked back on the past and looked into the future. They discussed how to seize new opportunities and address new challenges resulting from the changing global dynamics amid COVID-19, a normalized global pandemic, to further promote the exchange and cooperation of relevant universities under the Belt and Road Initiative. Representatives and officials were invited to give congratulatory remarks. They are Mr. Li Yi, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Mr. Sun Qijun, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Mr. Guo Lugang, Vice President of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Li Junfeng, Secretary of Party Committee and Mr. Zhang Dayu, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and President of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, to name just a few.

Mr. Li Yi applauded the remarkable achievements made by BRAUIC since its establishment. The past five years witnessed the efforts made by BRAUIC to contribute to Beijing’s development into an international exchange center in China. The Foreign Affairs Office will, as always, support BRAUIC to make it bigger and stronger. We expect more internationally renowned universities and institutions to join us and boost the development of more international research practices, industry-university-research and development, so as to advance people-to-people exchanges more deeply in more wide-ranged aspects, and continuously improve BRAUIC’s influence in terms of international architecture and urban construction.

Mr. Sun Qijun noted that the BRAUIC, initiated and established by the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, has identified its unique path of theories and practices, one that pools the strengths of all parties and underpins global education exchanges. Beijing Municipal Education Commission will, as always, support the development of the BRAUIC, build a vital platform for global cooperation and dialogue in higher education, in order to create a more sound education service environment, and help Beijing open wider to the outside world for more achievements.

Mr. Guo Lugang marked that the BRAUIC has played a critical role in fostering international engineering and technology talents of high-quality since its establishment and has been promoting cross-border scientific and humanistic exchanges among universities by putting into place a collaborative innovation platform and leveraging scientific research projects and technological innovation as the driving force. Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, as the initiator of the BRAUIC, continues to attract high-quality universities of architecture and engineering at home and abroad to join. In cooperation with international academic organizations such as the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and famous enterprises like Russian Highways, the university has been strengthening the cooperation of scientific and technological exchanges in countries participating in the BRI, setting a good example in promoting understanding, deepening friendship and building consensus among the university members. As a professional organization of scientists and technologists in Beijing, Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) is committed to pushing forward exchanges and cooperation among countries and regions engaging in the Belt and Road cooperation. Going forward, BAST will further support the scientific and technological cooperation and common development among the university members of the consortium, and help Chinese and foreign universities perform better in fostering international professionals in science, technology and innovation through international exchange and cooperation in all forms.

Mr. Pavel Akimov, President of Moscow State Architectural University, and Academician Yeghiazar Vardanyan, President of the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, stated that the BRAUIC has become an important engine and platform for higher education in architecture in training professionals and promoting academic cooperation. He expects members of BRAUIC further boost local development of international education and scientific undertakings through effective cooperation.

The BRAUIC was initiated by the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in October 2017 in response to the BRI. After five years of rapid growth, it has now become a vital platform for fostering innovative talents and advancing cooperation in construction engineering in countries joining the BRI cooperation, also a key contributor in building Beijing into an international exchange center. This year, the BRAUIC enrolled the Nanchang University of China and Severin University of Agriculture and Technology of Kazakhstan, both high-level universities in this field. At the moment, its membership has expanded from 44 universities in 19 countries to 74 universities in 28 countries. The BRAUIC stands ready to carry forward the Silk Road spirit of “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and win-win cooperation”, by exploring the mechanism and mode of cooperation and exchange among architectural universities. Besides, it will strengthen the teaching practices of engineering talents in countries and regions engaging in the BRI as part of its efforts to provide technical and intellectual support for developing the BRI program and work with other partners to forge a new monument of the BRAUIC.

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