Actively involved in work-break exercises for a healthy and happy work atmosphere
2022-02-07 |

On February 7, while the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics was well underway, BAST’s leaders took the lead to participate in work-break exercises in order to enrich the cultural life of BAST’s officers and employees, create a relaxing, harmonious and pleasant work atmosphere, enhance physique of officers and employees and demonstrate their can-do spirit. 

To enrich the work-break exercise activities, Secretary Shen Jie personally taught Baduanjin exercise to everyone and imparted how to properly achieve work-life balance based on her feelings about practicing the exercise, reflecting how the Leading Members’ Group of BAST cares about physical and mental health of BAST people. 

“Aerobics for wellbeing”, on the first workday after the 2022 Spring Festival, the trade union of BAST organized BAST people to do the 9th edition of aerobics in response to the calling from the trade union of directly affiliated municipal organs, as part of the efforts to institutionalize and regularize the work-break exercises, achieve the effect of physical exercise and mental relaxation, further raise the morale of BAST people at work and create a positive organizational culture of BAST. 

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