The 14th Museum-School Cooperation and Science Education Forum Held in Beijing 
2022-08-19 |

On July 23, 2022, the 14th Museum-School Cooperation and Science Education Forum, hosted by the China Research Institute for Science Popularization, was held at Beijing Science Center. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum was held by combining online and onsite. The theme of this forum is "the combination of museums and schools to promote the work of double reduction", which coincides with the first anniversary of the implementation of the "double reduction" policy. The forum attracted nearly ten thousand online audiences including experts, scholars, educators and practitioners from universities, scientific research institutes, science and technology venues, and primary and secondary schools from all over the country. Pang Xiaodong (Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Popularization Department of China Association for Science and Technology), Qian Yan (Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Curator of China Science and Technology Museum), Wang Jingchun, (Deputy Director of China Research Institute for Science Popularization), and Chen Weicheng (Member of the Leading Party Members Group and Vice President of BAST) attended the opening ceremony of the Forum and gave congratulatory remarks. 

The speakers discussed and exchanged views on the background of the “double reduction” policy, the improvement of capabilities of science teachers to enhance the effectiveness of double reduction, the implementation of double reduction in venue education and other topics. Participants agreed that promoting better collaboration between science and technology venues and schools, relying on the high-quality resources of science and technology venues and the extensive education environment of primary and secondary schools, and building science popularization field of science education are important directions to accelerate the promotion of scientific quality of young people. The State Council issued the Outline of the National Scheme for Scientific Literacy (2021-2035), emphasizing the need to establish an effective linkage mechanism for the resources of science education within and outside schools, to achieve the cooperative action between museums and schools, and guide primary and secondary schools to make full use of science and technology museums and other science popularization places to carry out various activities. The new outline promotes the work of science popularization to a new stage, and puts forward new requirements for the further development of the integration of museums and schools. It is of great practical significance to discuss the combination of museums and schools under the background of the first anniversary of the implementation of the "double reduction" policy. As an important field of external science education, science and technology venues play an educational role through the construction of science and education ecology of joint cooperation, resource pooling, talent training and co-construction and sharing. The development of museum-school combination should adhere to the problem-oriented, demand-oriented and characteristic-oriented approach, and solve the problems of insufficient funds, teachers and venues by implementing the "double reduction" policy. 

The Museum-School Cooperation and Science Education Forum is an important academic exchange activity sponsored by China Research Institute for Science Popularization, providing a platform for communication and sharing for scientific education workers, leading the development of scientific education practice activities in science and technology venues and promoting the enhancement of scientific quality of adolescents. 

A press conference on the publication of the Handbook of Research on Science Education (Augmented Edition) was also held at the forum. The English version of this handbook is a comprehensive review of the scientific education research conducted by Professor Norman G. Lederman and Sandra K. Abell, together with international top scholars in the field of science and education. It is a collective wisdom and classic work in the field of science education. It is a comprehensive and systematic elaboration of science education research methods and a comprehensive introduction to the research in the field of science education. 

Up to now, the Forum has successfully held 14th sessions, witnessing the development of national science education and the progress of museum-school cooperation in our country, gathering together a group of outstanding expert groups in museum-school cooperation and excellent educational practitioners. With the development of talents, the country prospers. The excellent speeches and comments of experts and leaders, the discussion and exchange of school teachers and science and technology counselors, and the participation and contribution of all other guests, have become the wonderful moment of the forum. Under the concerted efforts of everyone, our career of museum-school cooperation and science education will continue to usher in a better tomorrow. 

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