Beijing Association for Science and Technology Issued Construction Stage Achievements of "Digital Association for Science and Technology"
2022-08-19 |

On July 29, at the special forum "Digitized Grassroots Governance Forum" of 2022 Global Digital Economic Conference, the Beijing Association for Science and Technology released the construction stage achievements of “Digital Association for Science and Technology” in the form of video. 

Since the release of the The Implementation Plan on Accelerating the Construction of a Benchmark City for the Global Digital Economy in August 2021, Beijing has moved towards the goals of building a global digital economy benchmark city and a global new smart city benchmark. Beijing Association for Science and Technology fulfills the duties of "four services" through the construction of "Digital Association for Science and Technology", and constructs four digital platforms: digital talents and organizations, digital scientific innovation, digital science popularization and scientific communication convergence media. Taking "1 data base+4 platforms+1 cockpit" as the overall framework, and taking cross-departmental multi-scene collaborative application as the starting point, Beijing Association for Science and Technology creates a new working pattern of hub-type, platform-based and open-type that is organically integrated online and offline, and actively integrates into the modernization process of capital governance system and governance capability. 

Digital Empowerment Talents and Organizations 

"Digital talents and organizations platform establishes the unified front pattern of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, focuses on strengthening grass-roots association for science and technology, optimizing science and technology societies, improving association for science and technology of university and scientific research institutes, pushing forward association for science and technology of parks and enterprises, constantly expanding the liaison circle of association for science and technology." More than one thousand science and technology organizations have effectively gathered millions of scientific and technological workers, brought together the academicians, experts, scientific research talents, innovation achievements, scientific innovation projects and science and technology think tanks, and linked organizations at all levels to enable integration, cross-border cooperation, collaborative cooperation and resource sharing. The digital cockpit builds support system of science and technology services and grassroots social governance operation management and decision-making to achieve big picture, accurate service and efficient decision-making. 

Talents Serve Science and Technology Innovation

Promote thousands of people into thousands of enterprises, and lead scientific and technological workers to participate in the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center. Establish a digital science and technology innovation public service platform, give full play to the advantages of talents gathering, associations and academics gathering, and rich scientific research achievements, and actively serve the innovation and development of science and technology industrial parks and high-tech enterprises. Beijing Association for Science and Technology explores the demand list, allocates the resource list, creates the project list, carries out the scientific and technological service work such as intellectual introduction, academic discussion, technical consultation, achievement transformation, expert guidance, talent training, international exchange, etc., establishes the closed-loop service management of the whole process, and builds a home of scientific and technological workers with temperature, trustworthiness, vitality and practical results, combining online and offline. 

Convergence Media platform improves science popularization and communication capability

Popularize scientific knowledge, advocate scientific methods, disseminate scientific thoughts, carry forward scientific spirit, vigorously improve the overall quality of the people of the whole city, make science perceptible, make science venues visible everywhere and make scientific communication widely available in new media." 

More than one hundred thousand voluntary service teams for science popularization of science and technology, more than one thousand science popularization internet celebrities alliance, more than one hundred scientist spirit preaching groups, million science popularization central kitchen digital resources, a series of scientific communication excellent projects, and rich and colorful wisdom science popularization box, promote science and technology education resources to enter into the countryside, community, school, Internet. To enable the elderly to cross the "digital divide", effectively implement the science and technology to assist "double reduction", complement the remote rural science weakness, and improve the digital scientific quality of industrial workers and civil servants. Create interactive application service of “map of digital science popularization”, science popularization resources services such as cloud viewing exhibition, cloud competition, cloud classroom, etc., and promote the intelligent application of global scenes. A matrix science communication system of the science and technology organization has been formed. 

Science and technology benefit people, digital integration and intelligent empowerment, the Digital Platform of Association for Science and Technology will promote the development of digital economy, integration of digital society and construction of digital government, leading millions of scientific and technological workers to contribute to the development of the capital in the new era, construction of international scientific and technological innovation center and grass-roots governance. 

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