Neuropsychiatric Translational Medicine Summit and Innovative Achievement Exhibition of 2022 Beijing Brain Conference
2022-09-23 |

Neuropsychiatric Translational Medicine Summit and Innovative Achievement Exhibition of 2022 Beijing Brain Conference, one of the serial events of Zhongguancun Forum was held in Shengyuan Academy of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area on August 21. The session was organized by Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), Beijing Society for Neuroscience, Capital Medical University, Beijing Service Center for Science and Technology Societies, and Chinese Institute for Brain Science, Beijing. Other co-organizers included Administrative Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area, Beijing Etown Shengyuan Investment Development Group Co. and Beijing Service Center for Scientific Innovation. Guests like Meng Fanxing (Member of the Leading Party Members Group and Vice President of BAST), Mao Shanhong (Development Director of Administrative Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area), along with Ji Xunming (President of Beijing Society for Neuroscience and Vice President of Capital Medical University), attended the event and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was hosted by Wu Haitao, researcher of Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Mr. Meng noted that the conference aims at a high-end international academic exchange in brain science, featuring frontier knowledge, cross-disciplinary cooperation, international engagement and youth contributors. The goal is to promote the integration of basic scientific research with clinical application and technological output, and ultimately boost the innovation development of Beijing in this aspect. This year’s event set up a session for innovative achievement exhibition for the first time, during which major accomplishments in neuroscience with Beijing characteristics were highlighted. These results will be solicited through multiple channels, and widely advertised to targeted organizations. A platform for transforming innovative resources into applications will be put into place to boost the transformation of achievements in brain science in an attempt to facillitate Zhongguancun in taking the lead in pioneering work. In prospect of future, BAST will continue to enhance its role in organization, management, service and support by expanding the service platform, polishing the conference organization, and attracting more talents. On top of that, it will launch more appealing brand activities with more influence and publicity, and serves as a contributor to building Beijing into an innovation center.

The event was held both online and offline, with live-streaming on platforms such as the Science Association Channel, VBDATA, Weibo of the Chinese Society for Neuroscience, and AiBrain WeChat Video Channel. The live conference received an audience of nearly 1.2 million. During the session, excellent projects were also showcased and promoted via video link, bringing cutting-edge medical outcomes to Beijing's high-grade sectors and securing effective transformation of innovative resources.

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