Interim Measures of Beijing Municipality on Encouraging Overseas High-level Talent to Start Business and Work in Beijing
2023-05-10 | The People's Government of Beijing Municipality

Article 1 The introduction of overseas high-level talent, guided by the Scientific Approach to Development, shall implement the policy of respecting labor, knowledge, talent and creation, adhere to the working principles of long-term development focus, prominence to key points, prioritising the practical use, handling special cases with special methods, and comprehensively planning, as well as actively encourage overseas high-level talent to start business and work in Beijing.

Article 2 Overseas high-level talent to be introduced shall, in general, have an overseas doctorate degree, be of age 55 or below, work in Beijing for no less than 6 months every year after introduction, and meet one of the following conditions:

(I) Experts or scholars who hold the positions of associate professor, associate researcher or above in renowned universities or research institutions abroad;

(II) Management or technical talent who hold senior technical positions in international well-known enterprises, financial institutions or law (accounting/audit) firms with expertise in relevant fields of business and international rules as well as rich practical experience;

(III) Experts or scholars who hold mid- to high-level management positions in international organizations, foreign government agencies or renowned non-governmental organizations;

(IV) Experts, scholars or engineering and technical personnel with rich experience in scientific research and engineering technology, who have hosted large international scientific research or engineering projects;

(V) Professional or technical personnel who have independent intellectual property rights or possess core technologies in key industries, businesses or fields of Beijing;

(VI) Outstanding talent needed for the development of Beijing's cultural and creative industries;

(VII) Outstanding post-doctoral researchers with great development potential and high-level expertise.

Other high-level overseas talent in short supply and urgent need can be introduced on a case-by-case basis.

Article 3 Overseas high-level talent can be introduced through core talent introduction, team introduction or high-tech project development introduction, or alternatively, by means of position employment, project employment or post holding, etc.

Article 4 Procedures for introducing overseas high-level talent:

(I) Overseas high-level talent who meet the conditions for introduction can apply to Beijing Overseas Talents Center (“BOTC”) by self-recommendation, mutual recommendation or recommendation from overseas embassies or consulates, overseas Chinese associations, overseas student organizations, universities, professional associations, various parks (including high-tech business incubators, overseas student pioneer parks, university science parks, industrial parks, etc.) as well as domestic/foreign experts and scholars. In conjunction with relevant municipal departments, the BOTC will then make recommendations to employers.

Give full play to the overseas liaison, publicity and promotion functions of relevant departments such as Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. BOTC can actively seek overseas high-level talent through overseas embassies and consulates, overseas Chinese associations, overseas student organizations, overseas liaison offices, foreign universities and professional associations. In conjunction with relevant municipal departments, the BOTC will recommend the overseas talent to employers.

Employers shall select the talent to be introduced according to their own needs, and report to BOTC after reaching an initial introduction intention.

(II) BOTC shall evaluate the overseas high-level talent to be introduced, put forward its opinions, and submit them to the Beijing Overseas Talent Service Joint Council for approval.

(III) Upon the approval of the Beijing Overseas Talent Service Joint Council, BOTC shall notify employers, issue Beijing Work and Residence Permit for Overseas High-level Talent to the overseas high-level talent introduced, and provide them with professional supporting services.

(IV) Employers shall, according to the opinions of BOTC, actively implement relevant supporting policies for overseas high-level talent who have been approved, and sign employment (labor) contracts with the talent while introduction formalities are handled by the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Article 5 Overseas high-level talent who start their business in Beijing can enjoy preferential policies of overseas student pioneer parks and other preferential treatments based on Beijing Work and Residence Permit for Overseas High-level Talent, and be provided with convenience in enterprise registration, land use, industry & commerce, taxation, commodity inspection, etc. Qualified enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, and economic development zones or high-tech industrial parks are encouraged to establish overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship bases, promote close industry-university-research collaboration, provide a platform for overseas high-level talent to start businesses in Beijing, as well as gather overseas high-level talent and teams.

Article 6 Overseas high-level talent who start their business in Beijing and pass the assessment of BOTC will be given a one-time grant by the municipal financial department as well as priority support by various venture capital guide funds of the municipal government; they can also apply for financial support for national or municipal scientific research and industrialization projects via BOTC recommendation. Meanwhile, existing resources will be integrated to establish diversified investment and financing platforms, providing stable financial support for the development of startup enterprises; guarantee fee subsidies and interest subsidies for guaranteed loans are also provided through green channels of investment and guarantee.

Article 7 Support startup enterprises established by overseas high-level talent to go public in domestic/overseas capital markets, and provide them with subsidies for relevant expenses incurred in restructuring and listing.

Article 8 Overseas high-level talent who start business in Zhongguancun Science Park can enjoy relevant preferential tax policies, industrial policies and government procurement policies established to support the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zone of Zhongguancun Science Park, as well as pilot policies for deepening technological and financial reform and innovation.

Article 9 Enterprises are encouraged to apply for and obtain domestic and overseas patents, register software copyrights and trademarks, as well as create well-known trademarks; enterprises participating in preparation (revision) of technical standards will be given financial support in accordance with the Measures of Beijing Municipality on the Administration of Special Subsidies for the Preparation (Revision) of Technical Standards.

Article 10 Construction of overseas high-level talent entrepreneurship incubators is encouraged to promote concentrated development of the startup enterprises of overseas high-level talent. Increase the support for these incubators by establishing a service support system, granting rental subsidies for office buildings and other means to create a good service environment for overseas high-level talent to start their businesses in Beijing.

Article 11 Create sound working conditions and provide platform support for overseas high-level talent working in Beijing:

(I) Able to hold mid- to high-level leading positions (except for legal representatives) or senior professional and technical positions in municipal universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, state-owned enterprises and state-owned financial institutions.

(II) Able to participate in key scientific research projects of Beijing and serve as heads of major scientific research programs; qualified individuals can be employed as government expert advisors and participate in consultation, formulation and implementation of government policies. Further approval is needed if national security is involved.

(III) Able to decide the allocation and use of scientific research funds, including labor costs, within the prescribed scope of responsibilities when serving as project or program heads; adjust the research content or technical routes of projects according to relevant provisions; decide on the appointment of team members who can adopt the agreed salary system without being limited by existing staffing or cost ratio of scientific research funds.

(IV) If they are employed by universities, colleges, scientific research institutes, enterprises or other entities in Zhongguancun Science Park to undertake major national special science and technology projects (programs), a certain proportion of indirect expenses shall be approved in the funding of major national special science and technology projects (programs), including the management, coordination and supervision expenses incurred in project (program) organization and implementation for the project (program) undertakers, as well as other expenses that cannot be listed as direct expenses.

(V) Able to apply for science and technology funds, industrial development support funds and other funds from relevant departments to carry out scientific research or production and operation activities. Relevant departments shall simplify the related procedures and give priority to the process. When necessary, provide support in the form of special items.

(VI) The leading organizations of talent introduction will, in conjunction with relevant departments (e.g., finance department), provide introduced talent with stable scientific research funds through financial funds.

(VII) Relevant departments shall pay attention to attracting talent to participate in the consultation and demonstration of major projects and the construction of major scientific research programs and construction projects.

(VIII) Flexibly assess and evaluate the work performance of introduced talent according to international practices, avoiding multiple, repeated or frequent assessment and evaluation.

(IX) Recommend introduced talent to join various domestic academic organizations and participate in the election of academicians (foreign academicians) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Article 12 Safeguard the intellectual rights and interests of overseas high-level talent in proprietary knowledge, technical patents and scientific research achievements (including those obtained through cooperation and entrusted R&D), and provide subsidies to talent who have obtained invention patents.

Article 13 Overseas high-level talent working in Beijing shall not be limited by the staffing as well as professional and technical post structure of employers. In case of full staffing, they can be accepted before staffing with the approval of the staffing departments. Overseas high-level talent who proposes to hold professional and technical posts can be independently employed by employers according to their own conditions and post needs.

Article 14 The compensations of overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing shall be reasonably determined by employers considering their income before they come to Beijing, housing (rental) subsidies, children's education subsidies and spouse living allowances, combined with their abilities and contributions. Overseas high-level talent who are employed by and make great contributions to universities, colleges, scientific research institutes or state-owned high-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park will be provided with incentives in the form of options, technology shares, equity incentives or dividend rights according to relevant provisions of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Article 15 Overseas high-level talent (including their spouses and minor children) with foreign passports who need to enter and exit Beijing numerous times can get multi-entry F visas valid for 2-5 years issued to them (not to exceed the expiration date of passports); those who need to stay in Beijing for a long period of time can get residence permits valid for 2-5 years issued to them (not to exceed the expiration date of passports); those who meet the conditions for permanent residence can apply for permanent residence permits for foreigners; those who are willing to relinquish their foreign nationality and acquire or restore Chinese nationality can be given priority by the public security organs in accordance with the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China.

Article 16 Overseas high-level talent (including their spouses and minor children) with Chinese passports applying for permanent residence permits of Beijing may do so without the restriction of previous place of residence before going abroad, and formalities of settlement can be given priority and simplified according to relevant provisions.

Article 17 For overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing, the municipal government will give a one-time award of 1 million yuan per person. Employers and relevant departments, districts and counties shall provide the necessary funds to improve the working and living conditions of introduced talent.

Article 18 The municipal administrative department of health shall appoint qualified public hospitals as certified medical institutions for overseas high-level talent to provide them with high-quality medical services, as well as encourage qualified hospitals to cooperate with domestic and overseas insurance companies in commercial health insurance, thus making it convenient and easy for overseas high-level talent to seek medical treatment in Beijing.

Article 19 Overseas high-level talent, along with their spouses and children, can purchase various social insurances in Beijing at their own discretion. The years of payment is subject to the actualities. They can purchase social insurance, transfer and renew their social insurance relations within China, as well as enjoy various social insurance benefits, following the same provisions applicable to Beijing residents. In addition to social insurances, employers can further purchase commercial insurance for introduced talent.

Article 20 Each overseas high-level talent individual who starts business and works in China with the desire to buy a house may do so by purchasing one commercial housing unit for his or her own use, as indicated by the housing policy for Beijing residents. For overseas high-level talent who do not purchase housing, employers shall lease housing that is convenient for their work and living, or provide them with rental subsidies during the employment (labor) contract term.

Article 21 Overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing will be rewarded in the name of the municipal government according to their contributions to the local financial revenues during the employment period. Each introduced talent individual can bring a motor vehicle (limited to motorcycle, car, off-road vehicle and passenger car with less than 9 seats) for his or her own use, which will be taxed and inspected by the customs. A small amount of scientific research and teaching articles, exempt from import tax; a reasonable number of articles for daily use, subject to current policies and regulations.

Article 22 For overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing together with their spouses who are willing to work in Beijing, employers shall properly arrange jobs for their spouses, and if it is not possible for the time being, provide them with living subsidies in an appropriate manner according to the average wage level of the employers.

Article 23 The children of overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing, regardless of whether they have Chinese nationality or not, may study in public schools of Beijing, and related admission procedures shall be given priority by the administrative department of education. If they choose an international school or an international class in a local public school, the administrative department of education shall solve their enrollment problems. These children with Chinese nationality will receive preference under the same conditions if they participate in the entrance examination of regular universities and colleges and apply for Beijing municipal universities and colleges, and those with foreign nationality can apply for universities and colleges in accordance with relevant regulations for admission of international students. 

Article 24 Overseas high-level talent who start business and work in Beijing with outstanding contributions to Beijing and meet the election criteria can apply for awards such as "Beijing Outstanding Talent Award"and"Beijing S&T and Management Talents with Outstanding Contributions".

Article 25 Relevant municipal departments shall regularly publish the key catalogue of overseas high-level talent introduction of Beijing to the public following Beijing Municipal Guide Catalogue for Industrial Restructuring, and publish the demands of employers for high-level talent in time.

Article 26 BOTC will establish a municipal unified database of overseas high-level talent to realize resource sharing and provide support for talent selection. For the introduced talent, the municipal party committee and municipal government will include them into the list of contact experts, formulate the measures for daily contact and service, establish tracking, communication and feedback mechanisms, and solve their problems in work and life.

Article 27 Employers shall continuously improve their talent structure and actively introduce overseas high-level talent according to their development needs; sign employment (labor) contracts with introduced talent in accordance with national laws and regulations, specify respective rights and obligations, as well as provide sound working conditions and platforms for the talent; care about the thoughts and life of overseas high-level talent and help them by solving specific problems in work and life.

Article 28 Actively formulate supporting policies and service measures for the"Recruitment Program of Global Experts"of the central government according to the requirements of the central government; encourage municipal units to make full use of intellectual resources of overseas high-level talent introduced by the State through special expert invitation, project consultation and lectures & forums.

Article 29 An introduced talent who fails to perform the employment (labor) contract or related agreement will be deprived of relevant treatments after a request is submitted by his or her employer and approved by BOTC.

Article 30 These Measures shall come into force and invalidate the previous Notice of the General Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government on Further Encouraging Overseas High-level Talents to Start Businesses in Beijing (J.Z.B.F. No. 44 [2007]) as of the date of promulgation. Issues related to the implementation of these Measures shall be addressed by the municipal human resource work leading group office.

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