Navigating to the future
2023-05-22 |

A still from the documentary Navigating to the Future, shows staff at the intellectual property protection center in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, using patent certificates to establish which of two seemingly identical items of clothing is genuine and which is counterfeit. [China Daily]

In many ways, national highways are the arteries of a nation, as they form a network of interconnected routes that facilitate the flow of resources and people that keep the country moving. Being one of the longest highways in China, the G318, which stretches over 5,476 kilometers from Shanghai in the east to the Tibet autonomous region in the west, is arguably one of the most important in the country.

Along the route there are diverse landforms, spectacular natural wonders, as well as myriad customs, cultures and traditions, each one revealing another layer of the country's deep foundations.

A recently released documentary, Navigating to the Future, zooms in on the map to delve into the detailed stories of city dwellers and villagers that are connected by G318, offering viewers a glimpse into China's economic growth, social changes, cultural diversity and technological advancements.

Following the steps of a virtual host, named Hua Xiaoxia, the five-episode documentary takes a multifaceted approach to explore progress that China has made in market regulation, rural development, urban management, social governance and ethnic affairs governance.

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