Mr. Science
2023-05-09 | Beijing Association for Science and Technology

Mr. Science”, the first domestic science and cultural education program is broadcast every Tuesday at 21:05 on BRTV. The program is jointly produced by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Radio and Television Station (BRTV), Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau.

In each episode, “Mr. Science” invites experts and academicians from different academic fields to lead the “Future Team” composed of students from universities and primary and secondary schools, to visit various scientific research sites in the capital, including major scientific research institutions, large-scale research equipment, and landmark science popularization bases. Through real scientific research environments and interactive dialogues with young science and technology enthusiasts, they complete the transformation of professional knowledge and demonstrate the personal charm and spiritual connotation of scientists. Get a panoramic view of technological wonders, have open dialogue with technology experts, and immerse yourself in exclusive stories. "Mr. Science" brings you up close and personal with scientific research experts!

For all episodes of the season I of Mr. Science, please refer to:

Episode 1 The Story of Zhou Zhonghe

Episode 2 The Story of Wang Zhonglin 

Episode 3 The Story of Ni Weidou 

Episode 4 The Story of Yu Hongru 

Episode 5 The Story of Chen Meixiang 

Episode 6 The Story of Qu Mingguo 

Episode 7 The Story of Zeng Qingcun 

Episode 8 The Story of Wang Yiqiu 

Episode 9 The Story of Ye Peijian 

Episode 10 The Story of Wang Naiyan 

Episode 11 The Story of Pan Weimin 

Episode 12 The Story of Sun Baoguo 

Special Episode for China Aerospace Day 

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