2024 New Year of Science
2024-01-19 | Beijing Association for Science and Technology

Date: January 1st, 2024

Location: Beijing, China

Host: Beijing Association for Science and Technology


The BAST has hosted the New Year of Science Eve Event for several consecutive years. The event integrates science communication into festive culture to help enhance public confidence in technological self-reliance and self-improvement while creating a social atmosphere that advocates for science.

The event combines science popularization with traditional festivals, showcasing China's achievements in technological innovation and providing the public with a deep understanding of these accomplishments. In particular, it aims to captivate and engage young people by revealing the charm and mysteries of science.

In recent years, the BAST has been dedicated to the development of the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center. It actively organizes scientific popularization activities in the capital to enhance public scientific awareness. It also strengthens collaboration with international organizations and institutes.

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