2024 CAST Summer Camp for Young Science and Technology Volunteers kicks off
2024-07-02 | Beijing Association for Science and Technology

The 2024 China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Summer Camp for Young Science and Technology Volunteers kicked off on Monday in Beijing. The camp, first of its kind, aims to foster scientific and cultural exchanges among young Chinese professionals from around the globe. The opening ceremony welcomed 24 participants from 13 countries including the US, France, and Singapore, etc. 

The ceremony kicked off with a captivating video that explored the deep roots and rich history of Chinese culture, setting an inspiring tone for the camp. Participants were then taken on an enlightening tour of the National Museum for Modern Chinese Scientists, which had just opened on May 30, the 8th National Science and Technology Workers' Day. As the participants wandered through the exhibits, they were immersed in the fascinating stories and groundbreaking achievements of China's outstanding scientists, enabling visitors to develop a deeper understanding of sci-tech accomplishments that embody the efforts and wisdom of pioneering Chinese scientists.

Participants wearing traditional Chinese costume pose for a group photo on July 1, 2024. Photo: Courtesy of CAST

Following the museum visit, the participants delved into the world of traditional Chinese clothing through an engaging lecture. They didn't just listen—they got hands-on, trying on intricate garments from various dynasties. The highlight was when they transformed the classroom into a vibrant runway, strutting in traditional attire and bringing history to life with an impromptu fashion show. The room buzzed with excitement and admiration as each one proudly displayed his or her elegant costumes, merging ancient culture with youthful enthusiasm.

Luo Hui, Executive Secretary and Director General of the Department of International Affairs of the CAST, greeted participants in English. She highlighted that the summer camp offers a valuable opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of China's scientific and technological development and experience the latest facets of contemporary China. She also expressed the hope that more young overseas Chinese students would leverage their connection to their ancestral homeland while looking toward the world, working together to advance scientific progress and development for all humanity.

The camp participants, who come from prestigious universities worldwide, with expertise in various fields including sciences, engineering, medicine, and economics, expressed their excitement and anticipation for the upcoming itinerary. In the next seven days, they will visit leading high-tech enterprises, exchange with experts, scholars, and outstanding young students from top Chinese universities and research institutions, engage in community activities and experience Chinese cultural and artistic activities. 

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