Science Popularization

  BAST gives full play to the use of the leading unit for the public science literacy improvement and the main social forces of science popularization, it extensively sets up platforms, promotes science popularization resources co-construction and sharing, emphasizes key points,continues to carry out the typical mass science popularization activities in diverse forms and actively constructs the socialized pattern of the science popularization work. It persists in holding Beijing Science and Technology Week and participates in the large-scale science popularization activities such as the National Science Popularization Day and Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition, etc. It implements the Program for "Benefiting People by Means of Science Popularization in Community”, initiates the Capital Science Lecture, imports foreign excellent science popularization resources, holds Beijing Science Festival and launches the great construction projects such as Beijing Science Center and Tadpole Stave Website (a science popularization website oriented to the youth), etc. Thus, the capacity for carrying out science literacy improvement and science popularization has been further strengthened.

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