Digital Engine for Common Prosperity
2024-01-23 | Science and Technology Daily

Staff check Miao embroidery products made via the digital production platform in southwest China's Guiyang city where the Miao ethnic groups live. (PHOTO: XINHUA)

Chinese authorities recently released an implementation plan for promoting common prosperity through the digital economy, aiming to address the imbalance in development and share digital dividends among all the people.

The introduction of the plan comes at a time when the digital economy is playing a pivotal role in fostering a more equitable and inclusive economic landscape. The plan sets out comprehensive objectives and practical measures to harness the potential of the digital economy in narrowing the developmental gaps across various sectors.

Over the past decade, new technologies such as big data and AI have empowered various industries, leading to significant productivity gains and streamlined processes.

According to statistics, intelligent manufacturing projects have shown an average 48 percent increase in production efficiency, a 38 percent reduction in product R&D periods, and a 35 percent decrease in product defects.

The plan stresses the role of digital infrastructure in promoting equal access. China now has over one billion Internet users and the Internet penetration rate has exceeded 76.4 percent. Rural areas in particular have seen a penetration rate surpassing 60 percent. The availability of diverse software also now facilitates equal access to opportunities, while the circulation and application of data assets enable various innovation entities to participate in creating new formats and models.

The plan outlines four practical measures aimed at narrowing gaps and advancing coordinated development.

— It seeks to promote coordinated regional digital development, bolster digital infrastructure, and foster industrial collaboration to reduce regional disparities.

— It emphasizes the development of digital villages to bridge urban-rural gaps by promoting digital agricultural infrastructure and enhancing digital governance.

— It focuses on nurturing digital talent and ensuring employment through continual enhancement of digital literacy and skills for vulnerable groups.

— It aims to improve the equitable supply of essential public services by facilitating the sharing of quality digital education and healthcare resources and expanding digital social security services.

By prioritizing the digital economy as an engine for common prosperity, China is positioning itself to leverage technological advancements for widespread and inclusive progress in the country's socioeconomic development.

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