How to Verify Overseas Professional Qualification Certificates?
2024-01-08 | BeijingService

Employers in Beijing may be unsure where to inquire and verify your employees' overseas professional qualification certificates. This online service platform comes to your rescue by simplifying it in three easy steps: submitting the certificate details, processing them online, and receiving verification results. Here is the specific procedure.

1 Application for Verification

The employer can register and log into Beijing Service Platform for Inquiry and Verification of Overseas Professional Qualification Certificates ( before submitting information on the certificate and applying for verification online.

2 Online Processing

The Inquiry and Verification Service Platform accepts the eligible application and, based on the results of confirmation with overseas issuing authorities or through other channels, informs the employer online about the estimated time required for the verification.

Verification Results

The Inquiry and Verification Service Platform will notify the employer of the verification results online. For an overseas professional qualification certificate verified as authentic, the platform will provide a verification code for the employer to check the certificate's validity in the "Services for the Public" section on Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau's website (

Responsibility Clarification

The Inquiry and Verification Service Platform reserves the right to reject any application with false or inaccurate information or documents. The verification results confirm the authenticity of the certificate, but do not verify the qualifications or actual competency of the certificate holder. In cases of disputes over employment or labor relations, the Inquiry and Verification Service Platform does not assume any legal responsibility.

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