Beijing Deploys Facial ID for Foreign enterprises' Registration
2024-02-18 | The People's Government of Beijing Municipality

Emilia, a U.S. citizen, collected her company’s business license at the Market Regulation 

Bureau of Fengtai District, Beijing.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation and several other government departments in Beijing collaborated to enable foreign nationals holding passports from other countries (regions) to register foreign-invested enterprises online via the WeChat mini-program of the Beijing-operated enterprise service platform E-window Service using facial recognition. This policy has been fully implemented in Beijing since January 18.

Emilia presented her company's business license application at the Government Service Center of Fengtai District on the morning of January 18. Emilia effortlessly completed the online application process by using the WeChat mini-program, submitting the application online, opting for relevant options sequentially in accordance with the prompts, and using facial ID for identity verification. Within a few minutes, the application was approved by the backend, and Emilia received her business license in person. Emilia said that despite not being able to speak Chinese, she didn’t encounter any obstacles in getting her business done smoothly online.

According to the information provided, in the past, investors holding passports issued by other nations (regions) who intended to obtain a business license in China had to provide the supplementary identification documents issued by their home country or undergo real-name verification via their bank card after obtaining a bank card in China.

Now, things have changed. Foreign nationals holding passports issued by other regions or countries can complete the entire process of registering foreign-invested firms online through the WeChat mini-program of the E-window Service, a Beijing-operated enterprise service platform, by using facial ID. This further streamlines the online registration process for foreign individual investors, reducing the overall cost of establishing a business.

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